What is Google Panda updates ?

Google's Panda Update
what is Google Panda updates are concerned primarily with low-quality content, to remove low-quality sites and their content in the Google search engine algorithm are introduced.
In February 2011, the first Panda update, because 

Despite showing an improvement in the quality of search sites, Google Update is still going on about the credibility of the preference to sites that have a serious criticism.

Many SEO sites and Web Master Matt Cutts clearly incorrect, the Panda update penalized sites and even the updates that need to be corrected in the update, but computer engineers from Google, such as the guarantee of the existence of the defects pointed out.

Google "Panda" update and the name of the story behind why this method is the fact that the concept of correcting for the content of spam Indian computer engineer (Google search team) proposed and called his name, and his name is Panda and how to updates

How To Panda

Any step in the direction of removing low-or bad quality,quality content, Panda deal with you, but here are some steps that will help very useful.

1 Number Of The Same Keyword In Multiple Pages

How to Survive Google's Pending Panda Update
Content mills hardest by Panda slapped the reason why (in thousands, in some cases!) Has a lot of pages with the same keyword. You have multiple authors, and give you the freedom to choose to write about them, you will end multiple pages using the keywords exactly the same benefit. But you "Acai Berry" about "how to get-an ex-back"pages 100 to 1,000pages, etc., can find here the same keyword targeted content on multiple pages of your site, if the mills, not only to get rid of them as soon as this just because you're drowning.
Article directories /

 2 Duplicated Anchor Text And Links From Low Quality Sites

Google Panda Update To Start Being A Rolling Update
Backlinks are very important, but you know, the thing is the quality of the backlinks. These sites are deemed to be of low quality due to the Panda back links from sites that have tons of article directories, or other content sites, fine, this is why. In addition, the anchor text of the link in your back, always (and it is a keyword), as well, when the link is created naturally suspicious than that. Back in the anchor text of the link as - you have multiple variations of your keywords (multiple words or even better) why this is the best use of it. For example, if your keyword "how to get an ex back", etc. If you do not, "How to be a former lover", "How to ex back" can be used to

3 Of Your Total Site Clean

Panda is a site-wide penalty, and you have some really outstanding here, but you also have lots of them, so that also resulted in the loss of your entire site. The only solution here is to fix or eliminate low-quality ones, and the crawler is to wait for the next.

4 Autogenerated Content And Roundup / Pages Similar To The Method To Get Rid Of

Google Panda vs. Google Penguin SEO Updates
Auto generated pages have nothing to do with quality, and this is why they are now, especially unpopular. This is because they do not have much original content Roundups / pages similar to the types that can hurt you. The comparison of these factors, a number of pages, so here are the reason why a lot of shopping sites hit by Panda. If you run a shopping site to get rid of you because of this, your work is not easy, but if you want to use for their original content, the growth opportunities in the back to get your rankings.
Text only 1-2 paragraphs

5 Number Of Pages

The pages are easy to create, because many webmasters to increase the number of pages in the site began populating sites with fewer pages. Now the rules have changed, and the text of these pages, paragraphs 1-2 harm your rankings. Add more text, or delete pages - this you have two options.

6 Panda New Content Likes

News and recent topics are always loved by the search engines, but this is very important with Panda. The news pages have also been updated recently. Preference is given to current pages, in fact, 35% of searches will be affected. Well, this is hardly a reason to turn your site into a newspaper machine, but if you try to update your content frequently as you can, this will help.

7 No Content Scrap

With Panda, scrap content, duplicate content is bad (almost) there. If you are using spun articles, and hurt you. You descriptions shopping sites, article sites have more freedom when rewording your content if you want to be real, a short 100-200 word description of the reword is trickier because there are infinite ways. Still, as much as possible and try to make it to your specifications.

8 Be Careful Affiliate Links And Advertising

Bad, but tons of tons of outgoing links on the affiliate is even worse - a lot of them on a single page, and you will Pandalized. If you need to cut the number of links on a page with this is why. For a better effect, if possible, even you, can make them nofollow. Panda also plays a role in the number of ads in a page, and the rule: the lower, the better. Only the most profitable ads (actually you are making money for them and let go of the rest. Place

9 Duplicate File Content Minimize

Duplicate content on a single page, but it only applies to everything. You for all of your pages using the same template, chances are you have duplicate content in the template - for each page you want to reuse the same blocks of text (and links), ie. Each of the blocks on the back of the check and keep only the most important.
S much more than

10 Outbound Links

Survive Any Google Panda Update
A lot of outbound links are bad, but when they are the anchor text, this is even worse. As a result of these links is the link to the conversion of the imagination - they are not natural. The authors are usually crucial because of their links and their byline you accept guest posts can be a huge problem. Most commentators have you stuffed and limit your outbound links to a variety of keywords and try to keep the anchor text.

11 Poor Internal Linking Structure

Humans and bots as a clear navigation structure. Panda is now taking the more weight. Therefore, check your internal links and navigation flow - this will certainly help.

The vibration is very much due to the Panda update. But everything changes for the sites were invited, but there is a lot of spam detection, it is bound to happen. If you do not want to be on the receiving end, your site clean and Panda - makes a complaint. The only way to the top of the search results (back) is.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Google Panda Updates.

Google's Panda has received several updates
1. Google Panda Update SERPS will not be based on how often?
Answer: Google Update is never mentioned anything about at the time. It happens at any time.

2. The penalty is limited to low-quality page or an entire website?
Answer: The site wide penalty.

3. Tips on how to recover from Google Panda.
Answer: You are visitors to the site for the search engines and make sure to create a unique content and information.

4. Penalty forever?
Answer: NO The site has low quality content, trim and adjust the settings so that errors can be corrected on.

5. How many updates have been made up to now?
The answer: about 24 updates are up to now. And when the next update will happen is the idea

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