Sites to Download Torrents with IDM

f you are searching for the alternatives to download torrent files without torrent client software like Bittorrent and u Torrent then here are the Sites to Download Torrents with IDM.Most Torrent sites offer every file a user needs for free and that too with a single download link. Also torrent sites are mainly responsible for the bandwidth exceed limit in colleges and office. For this reason colleges and offices block torrent sites to avoid exceeding bandwidth. So this post is for all those students and employers who are restricted to torrents. The sites that i am gonna share will let the users to go beyond the restriction to download unlimited from torrents indirectly.Other advantage that a user will get from these sites is that they can download torrent files with IDM with high speed so its really something that everyone desire.
Sites to download torrent files with IDM

Sites to Download Torrents with IDM is ranked number # 1 alternative to download torrent files through IDM. Zbigz offers its service to Free and Premium users. Free users are allowed to download torrent files at maximum speed of 200KBPS and Premium users are allowed to download at unlimited speed without any restriction.
Though Zbigz is ranked number # 1 but i personally prefer to download torrent files from since it offers maximum speed to every user. Its best for the users who want to download files < 1 GB since they have 1GB download restriction.
Boxopus is another good alternative to download torrent files through IDM. Other great thing about Boxopus is that it allows its members to a link Dropbox account to save files.

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