How to delete Dial up connection Other connections in Windows XP,7,8

Some times we have create a lots of dial up connection,vpn connection,wireless connection in our computer and we are unable to delete them so guys you have to just follow these steps for showing and deleting your connection.

step-1.Open your windows control panel. "Network and Sharing Center".
step-3.Click on "Change adapter setting(which is on the top left side of your screen)".

Here you go now you can see your all connections here just select your connection which you want to delete and press delete and then press ok .your connection will be deleted.

How can i create A dial up connection in Windows XP,7,8

Every time after format our computer and installing windows you have to make Dial up connection to connect our internet connection,but we try to looking in our windows control panel and after many tries we found the create dial up connection menu. so here is the accurate path for create dial up connection in your computer.

follow these steps-

step-1.Open you control panel.
step-2.Click on Network and sharing center.
step-3.Now you can see a link "Set up a new connection or Network" click on it.
step-4.Now select a "Set up a dial-up Connection" and press "Next" Button.
step-5.Now select your Modem Type which you want to use for your dial up connection.
step-6.Now enter phone number and Dial up connection name .

Now click on connect button.your connection is successfully created enjoy the internet.

How can i check my Computer Drives for errors

After formatting computer again and again our drives speed looking slow us every time we open our drives and looking for our personal stuff its opening slow and playing videos slow and its just like a hang situation.
than we try to find ways on internet . so here is the way in every window XP,7,8 you can easily check your drives for you just have to follow these steps below -

step-1.Right click on your drive (which you want to check for errors).
step-2.Select Properties.
step-3.Click on Tools.
step-4.Now click on "Check Now" button.

Here you go now wait for some minute it will be check your drive for errors the checking time is depends upon your drive size. 

How to play dual audio Videos in VLC Media player | Change Audio track

Some times we download Movies or videos from internet and that particular video has DUAL AUDIO format.that means that video in two audio formats you can play one by one that audio track with your video but we are unable to play the second audio format because we don't know how to play dual audio format. VLC has a inbuilt menu to play dual audio videos,you just have to follow these steps :- that video in vlc media player.
step-2.Right click on anywhere on your playing screen.
step-3.Now click on Audio.
step-4.Now select Audio Track.

here you go now you can see your both audio track on your screen you just have to select your track which you want to play.

How to show Unhide file folder in Windows XP,7,8

After hide a file or folder in our computer we can see that our file is completely gone form our computer so we think how can we see that file again so don't panic guys windows also provides very easy method to show all hidden files on your computer you just have to follow these steps below -

step-1.Open My computer.
step-2.Click on Organize Button (which is on the top left side of your my computer screen).
step-3.Click on Folder and Search Options.
step-4.Now click on View Tab.

Now you can see a box like this -

Now click on the button -"Show hidden files,folders,or drives" and click on Ok button.
here it is done now you can see all hidden file or folders in your computer.

How to Hide Folder-File in Windows XP,7,8 Easily

Some times our friends came to our house and use our Pc or Laptop and check our whole pc data and some of our data which we do not want to show some one then we trying to hidden that particular file or folder so no one can see it.
There is no trick in this post our Operating system provides this facility you can easily hide any particular your file or folder you just have to follow these steps below -

step-1.Right click on that particular file or folder.
step-2.Select Properties.
step-3.Click on General Button which is in on the top left side.

Now you can see a box like this-

Now check the Hidden can see your file or folder properties is here .Now click on Ok and here it is your file is hidden now you can check you computer your file was hide from there now no one can see your file.

How to check my website online world Ranking

Hey friends when we make a new website or blog then after some time we think that what is the online world ranking of our website and how can i check our website ranking so i knew that where my website stands on internet ranking and when we try to find that on internet we are unable to find our website ranking so here is the solution can easily check your website ranking by whole world or by your country by this website below-

WWW.ALEXA.COM is one of the best websites in the whole world for check your website online ranking ,you just have to open this website and enter your domain name and press enter here it is done guys now you can see your website online ranking on your computer screen.

How to set proxy server setting in IDM(Internet Download Manager)

When we use free proxy setting in our browser then some time we see a problem that we are unable to  download form IDM(Internet download manager) it shows some type of http error message.
so today i am going to tell you that how can you set proxy setting in the IDM and download anything from IDM.

Please follow these steps :-

step-1.Star your IDM.
step-2.Click on Download button (which is on the top left side).
step-3.Now click on Options.
step-4.Now click on Proxy/socks Button ( which is on the top left side).
Now you can see in this image

Check on use proxy and enter your proxy in proxy server address box and enter port in port box.
leave empty the box Username ,Password as i do in the up image.

you can also check on http https ftp box.

Free Airtel 2g-3g Mediafire Download Supported proxy

As we all know friends that mediafire is the biggest free direct download website in the whole world you can easily download anything from mediafire without any cost but some time we use any proxy and we open any mediafire link then we see that it is not showing the download button on the web page .
so friends here is the free airtel 2g-3g mediafire supported proxy for you this proxy is completely supported any mediafire download link.

here is the proxy friends :-

Port : 80
Home page :  or or

How to get free unlimited Aircel 3g Internet Gprs During 6 AM to 9 AM Setting

Hello friends i have a very good news for all Aircel users guys Now Aircel is officially offering Free 3g internet during 6 AM TO 9 AM for one month and its completely free.between these 3 hours you can brows and download unlimited at 3.2 MBPS speed.

To get the free internet gprs service for your Aircel you have to run a USSD code that is-

Dial *122*5*1# or *122*456# or *122*5#

and you will receive a conformation message.that your service is activated. this is the officially aircel offer so before anything please contact your customer care. 

How to change Folder File Icon in Window xp ,Window 7,8

Some times we use our friends computer and we see that our friend have so many different different file folder icons in his own computer and when we ask him how you do this then he says its a trick sorry i cannot 
tell you so guys i am here to tell you its very easy to change any folder or file icon on your computer you just have to follow these steps :-

step-1.Right click on that file or folder which icon you want to change.
step-2.Select Properties.
step-3.Now click on Customize Button.

Now you can see a button name change icon on change icon button.

step-5.Now you can see a lots of different different type of icons you just have to select your any icon which you want to use for your file /folder and click on ok button.

Here you go its done.Now you can see your file/folder icon has changed.

How to unblock Airtel 2g 3g sim

As you all know after some time use free internet setting we see that in our sim internet is blocked but now i am here with an amazing airtel 2g 3g trick with the help or this trick you can easily unblock your blocked sim you just have to follow these steps :-

step-1. Deactivate All The Data Plans in your airtel sim ( 2G And 3G Both By Dailing 121 Or 198 ).

step-2. Just Leave your Sim For atleast 48 Hours friends.

step-3.Now Check That Whether your Getting Connected With apn - or Not.

step-4. If you are Getting Some Errors While Connecting Then U Have Successfully Deactivated Data Services.

step-5. Now The Final Step Just Activate Data Services By Dailing this number *567*11# 

And 3G Also By Sending 3G To 121

enjoy friends hope you like my post.

How to check My PC Laptop Graphics Video card Memory in window 7

when we buy a laptop or pc then some times we don't know that how much graphics or video card is in it.
but now we can easily know this in window 7.
here is the steps :-
step-1. Right click on Desktop and select Screen Resolution.
step-2.Now select Advanced setting.
Now you can see your video adapter setting this box you can see "Dedicated Video memory"
Dedicated video memory is the video memory of your pc .
In Some laptops or pc this memory is 64MB,256 MB,512MB,1024 MB.
so with the help of this trick you can easily know your graphics card details in window 7.

How to set proxy setting in Mozilla Firefox Browser In Pc

Most of people found free internet tricks on internet but they don't know how to use free proxy server port setting in Mozilla Firefox browser so now today i am going to tell you that how can you easily set your proxy setting in your browser its very easy and simple so here are the following steps :-

step-1. Start your Mozilla browser in your pc.
step-2.Click on orange color Firefox button which is on the top left side of your browser.
step-3.Click on Options Button.
step-4.In options button select Advanced Button.
step-5.In Advanced Button select Network Button.
step-6.In Network button select Settings.
Now you can see the Box of Connection Setting-
step-7.Now select Manual proxy configuration.
step-8.Enter your proxy in Http proxy and enter port number in Port number box.
step-9.Check below options and click on OK button.
step-10.Restart your browser and here it is done.

Now use these free home pages as your home page-

NMD Vpn direct Mediafire download link

friends when i am visiting some of websites then i found that no website were give you NMD vpn direct download link in every website first you have to complete a survey then you can download vpn but here i am  
here for your help here is NMD vpn direct download link below its link and its direct download.SO enjoy friends.

Airtel 2g 3g free unlimited Internet Trick for March 2013

Here is latest upcoming 100 % working airtel 2g-3g free gprs trick for blocked or non blocked sim.this trick is working in all states in India you can use this trick in your pc Browser or you Mobile phone browser also.
Here is the Trick Friends :-

proxy -
port - 80
homepage -