Read this before Buying Web Hosting service

Web Hosting ShoppingWeb Hosting services, when one buys it, they should do it carefully. There are many factors that play a part in the web hosting business. We bloggers and webmasters as consumers should weigh every possibility before buying a web hosting package. Can they handle your demands, is there sufficient man power that can help me solve every difficulty with my purchase. Each and every term has it own importance when it comes to buying a web hosting service. I am hosting my blog on Big Rock India for now and I have no complains. They are providing with an excellent server and customer support system, which I absolutely love. I would change to Hostgator in the next few months, just because they are older than Big Rock.

Web Hosting Company Qualities to look for?

Age of Web Hosting Company :

The age, how old is the web hosting company, you’re considering. Always try to find out the age of the Web hosting company. The older the company, the more trusted it is expected to be. Most cases, this is the scenario. The older the Hosting seller gets, the more people tend to buy from them. They tend to get popular by age. Most of them are in this case. Older Web hosting companies are more trusted than those which are new. They have a powerful support team and better servers than most competitions. Some are exceptions, even if they are new, they provide the same power as the old one but they are risky. Imagine this, they provide you with cheap and fast hosting, but close down suddenly after 8 or 9 odd months, that just makes your whole work get flushed into the sewer.

Pricing with Technology :

The pricing of the web hosting company should be matching the technology it offers. It should be competing with other similar hosts but not have a “steep price vs technology used“. Something between $2-$5 a month is basic and can be considered for the first year. If you are happy with the hosting company I would recommend to go on with it until you wish. These large companies like Hostgator, Big Rock and Dreamhost offer very cheap hosting with the best technology available. Their main source of income is not through new customers but renewal and add-on services that loyal customers require time to time.
From the technology point of view, there are different kinds of server a new customer looks for. If you want to make a website or blog running via WordPress engine, then find WordPress optimized web hosting solution or if you want to use Drupal than search for Drupal optimized blogs.  So, I guess you know what I am talking about. Don’t go for really cheap Web hosting, they can be scams.
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Companies funds and position :

You should look into reviews by existing customers of the Web hosting company before you buy a service from them. This will let you know where the company stands right now. Its funding and position will be exposed. If the company has an optimum support system and fast sales and billing service, then you can go with the services. Always do a background check of?
  • How much fund is the company getting?
  • Who is funding the company?
  • Is the funding constant and legal?

Infrastructure of the Web hosting company :

How does we get all the customer support, email notification, server reports and constant website analysis by our Web hosting company. It’s the infrastructure that makes it possible. The better the infrastructure of WHC, the more presence it has. A good infrastructure will result in better customer-seller relationship. These infrastructure can guarantee us with a powerful network of support and sales. Like for, Hostgator, when we want to talk to the support team regarding a situation. You can just open the internet and start a live chat which is available to any user 24/7. Then again, they also have a toll free number. Where as a small hosting seller won’t even have a support system. This is because one has a good infrastructure and the other has a poor one.


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