Latest new airtel 3g front proxy trick May June 2013

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this proxy give very highspeed downloading and browsing, fine work in delhi and mp and some south state.working with http and https protocol.this is a 3g front query so you able to video calling in your 3g hsdpa supported mobile. also work with internet download menegar. both use in mobile and laptop.this new proxy give you 845kbps in airtel circle and other circle are 350kbps.this proxy free unlimited gprs as so set your hamepage as and for highspeed downloading.

config. new airtel 3g front proxy trick

  • download any handler here
  • install it
  • and create new profile in mobile
  • name ---------  Indiatip
  • apn -----------
  • proxy and port ------ blenk
  • home page ---------- ( put the dns adress in profile or
  •                          ( dns --- blenk )
  • run handler and put the below front proxy any working url 
  •  you  are also use with beck query just remove first http:// and dont write home page after second http://

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