The Multi Tabbed Navigation Widget enables you to Group all the Blog Gadgets in a single container,which can easily be selected via tabs.The main benefit of this widget is to save the Space of your blog,and you will get rid of scattered gadgets,however it also helps you to navigate the blog gadgets easily.Any one can see blog gadgets in a single container just by Clicking the Tab of the specific Gadget.There are several ways of creating tab-views for blogger like jQuery, or with the help of tools,or any script.

How To Add Tabbed Navigation Widget To Blogger

  • Now Expand the Style Section of the Template,just by Clicking the arrow near <b:skin> ... </b:skin> at line 14.

idea highspeed Proxy 3g trick for may 2013

today i am posting a newly fresh high speed 3g proxy for idea user. this proxy get awesome speed in all over india. i also get the speed 1.1 mbps. you are also try my last idea trick post idea high speed 3g trick with tcp-443 in april 2013  is very fine work in many state like raj.and mumbai

features of proxy
  1. high speed download
  2. no speed capping
  3. unlimited browsing
  4. no sim block
  5. not any handler req.
  6. use as default setting
setting for mobile
  1. create new account
  2. put the proxy-----
  3. port--------------80
  4. apn --------------internet
  5. save and restart mobile.

How to 100% Free Call From PC To Mobile Or Landline Phone

There is a very simple trick to make FREE calls from your PC to any Mobile or Landline of your choice to any corner of the world.
This sounds unbelievable.
But it is true. In my next few lines I am going to disclose the trick and after you read it fully, you will make your first call and post your comment in this article thanking me a lot, I am sure about it.
=> Steps to Make Free Phone Calls
1. Install YAHOO MESSANGER which supports the VoiceMessage (Latest Version).
2. Log-in to your Yahoo Messanger.
3. Configure your Microphone and Head phone.
4. Click on Yahoo Voice.
5. Dial the number 1800-3733-411 (This number is a toll free number and all calls are free to this number).
6. Your call will be connected and operator will welcome you. The voice from the operator will give you various options (as we listen in our mobile when we call the customer care center). The last option is FREE CALL. You have select your option by saying it. So say loudly on your microphone FREE CALL.
7. After this, you will listen a small advertisement which is actually connecting you to the FREE CALL service. Wait until you liste ''PLEASE DIALYOUR NUMBER''
8. Dial your COUNTRY CODE first followed by your Mobile Number or Phone Number (this will be followed by regional code too). For example for India it is 91. If youwant to dial a number called 9444754456. Then you have to dial like this 919444754456.
9. Your call will be connected and this call is limited upto 5 minutes only. Still not less time for free. You can try to reconnect it and follow the same procedure as mentioned above.

Airtel 3G Unlimited GPRS Trick With Fastest Proxy May 2013

Use these setting sand enjoy free internet on 0 balance working.
Don't know how to set proxy?
1. Go to start menu
2. Go to Internet options (type internet options)
3. Click connections
4. Select your connection name
5. Double click it or click on it and click settings
6. Check use a proxy server and enter proxy desired.
7. Go to google chrome or internet explorer and enter home page and its done.
Port: 80
Do the settings above in your browser.
Home Page:
or any other free page working in your state.

How to find Best Phones under 20000 Rs in India (Mobiles Near 20K)

Today I am going to share best phones under 20000 rs or near 20K in India. If you are thinking of buying a new smartphone and there is no problem with you regarding budget, then you will have a lot of options to go for; like, iPhone 5, HTC One, Galaxy S IV, Nokia Lumia 920 and many more. Taking any of these smartphones home, most probably you will end up as a satisfied customer as each of these phones have almost all the features you are looking for, incredible design and the fastest processor available in the market.  Problem starts when you look for a smartphone in a country like India (One of the biggest markets of Smartphones), where people usually go for limited budget smartphones under 20000 or 25000 or you can say best phones under 20000 rs. When you go for a limited budget smartphone, you need to be smart enough in choosing one as many of them may have some key features missing, which you were really looking for.  This post is dedicated to all those middle class people who want to buy a smartphone with limited budget of 20000 Rs ($400 approximately). So, here we are providing the list and features of best phones under 20000 rs in India

Best Phones Under 20000 Rs in India

Given below, are the 5 best smartphones below 20000 Rs in India.
best phones under 20000

1. Micromax A116 Canvas HD: Best mobile phone under 20000 Rs


WordPress; WordPress is a free Blogging Tool,andCMS(Content Management System).WordPress use PHP and MySQL Languages for editing,modifying or installing Plugins.Creating WordPress website is not difficult,but finding a beautiful theme for WordPress Blog is lil bit hard work.So in this regard we have collected Top 5 Professional Free WordPress Themes which will surely solve your Problem of finding and wasting time on Finding Themes for WordPress Blogs.Actually theme is soul of your blog,it will reflect your personality and your blog personality.

Features Of Top 5 Professional Free WordPress Themes 2013

  • Professional Look
  • Ads Ready,SEO Ready
  • Right,Left Sidebars
  • Top Navigation menus
  • Simple and Clean
  • Custom Headers 
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Automatic Feed Links
  • Work With All Browsers i.e Google Chrome, Mozilla and Firefox

Top 5 Professional Free WordPress Themes 2013

Finding Professional Themes for WordPress is very hard,but when Quality is your First Priority,then you have to find the awesome theme for your WordPress Blog.So here is Top 5 Professional Themes,i hope you will found it interesting.

1# Rusty Grunge Professional WordPress Theme


Social Networks is the backbone for your Blog Traffic.Never underestimate the strength of Social Networking Websites,actually every social networking website is getting  million of hits daily,and if you share your blog post/content there,then surely you can get a flood of traffic to your Blog.Now every Blogger is sick of posting his/her blog posts daily to Facebook,Twitter or other social networking sites,but here we have found an awesome trick via which you can Automatically Publish Your Blogger Posts to Facebook,Twitter, or any Other Social networking website.For installing this Service follow the below easy steps.

How To Automatically Publish Blogger Posts To Facebook And Other Social Sites

  • Visit
  • Now Sign up there,by filling the form with required Data


One of the most awful problem in Google Adsense is reaching of Pin from Google Adsense Team.Actually Google send its Publishers a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which is enclosed in a small white envelop for the verification of his/her Postal Address.Google sends this Code (PIN) when you earning threshold reaches 10$ (Dollers),they inform you when they issue this PIN.Now the problem is how we can receive this PIN?Many Question Comes and we have faced it too many times?How much Time it takes to reach Adsense PIN? I am not receiving my Adsense PIN?My PIN has been issued but i haven't received it?All the Problems comes up with The Country i.e from where you are ? Are You Pakistani ? Are you Indian ? or any Asian Country?I don't know exact why Google Adsense hates these Countries? In Pakistan Our postal service is very poor,therefore one can't receives his/her PIN in time.Actually Google Adsense Team ensure you that you will receive your Adsense PIN in just 2-3 Weeks or Less then 2-3 days,it depends upon the postal service Of your Country.According to my Experience you can receive the Google Adsense Pin but if you provide the data in correct manner,this is what i did wrong 2 times and i haven't received my  Adsense PIN and atlast when i correct the Contact Details,within 15 days i received my Adsense Pin from Google Adsense Team.The sequence of Details was as under.

  • House No,Room No or any Organization,Office and School
  • Street Address (Clear and well known place)
  • Postal Code/Zip of Your Area (i.e Postal Code of Peshawar is 25000)
  • City Name
  • And Country 
Now if you have followed the above steps correctly,i can guarantee within 2 weeks you will receive your Adsense PIN.


Internet World is Young,and Providing alot of opportunities to earn a huge amount of Money.This is 100% true that Google Adsense is ruling the world and their is no competitor to Google Adsense which helps you to earn a huge amount of revenue from your Blog/Website.Actually now-a-days many bloggers have lost their Adsense Accounts due to invalid Click Activity or any Solid Reason which is against AdSense Policies.However there are many PPC Programs which is dancing in the Internet World but the problem with them is;they pay very low amount of money.In this regard  we will provide you some Alternatives of Google Adsense which can pay a huge amount of money to you and you can easily monetize for these Products.

Top 5 Awesome Google AdSense Alternatives 

As we mentioned above that Google AdSense is ruling the world and paying a flood of money to their publishers so their is no competitor to Google Adsense,however we are providing some Alternatives which will surely help you to generate a good amount of money from your Blog/websites.All these Products will pay you a good amount of money but they have certain conditions which should be present in your Blog/website and i.e your Blog should have a good amount of Organic Traffic,PR should be high,and Alexa should be high.In short you can go for any of the below products,and i hope you will earn alot of money from these Products.

AdBrite,The Best AdSense Alternative


AdBrite–AdBrite is one of the most popular source of monetizing your Blog.It pay a good amount of money,however it doesn't show any ads on your Blog/Website,AdBrite Provides Text Link Ads,Picture ads and inline ads.For Monetizing with AdBrite you have to signup there as a Publisher,then create or setup "ad zone" in the Ad zone you will have to Provide your Blog/Website URL and description. AdBrite allows you to enter 50 keywords related to your website/blog.Actually these keywords will helps theAdBrite Network to navigate and match right advertisers to your blog/website.


Its not very impressive for Pro Bloggers,but some bloggers love to show Total Posts and Comments Total Number in Blogger.Actually this widget will Show the Total No Of Comments on your Blog Articles,it fetch the total comments and Total No of Posts in your Blog.This widget is very easy to add,you can put it any where in your Blog.But the most appropriate place for adding this widget is Header or Sidebar,all you have to do is adding a Small JavaScript Code into the Layout Section.

How To Add Total Posts And Comments Widget To Blogger

  • Go To Blogger Dashboard
  • Now Click On Layout
  • Then Click On Add a Gadget
  • A Small Box will Popup,Select HTML/JavaScript
  • And Now Copy the Below Script and Paste it over there


WordPress is a free Blogging Tool,WordPress is providing a huge amount of Plugins for their users,and it is extremely popular due to the availability of numerous plugins.Actually WordPress Provides alot of Plugins which can help you in increasing your Blog SEO(Search Engine Optimization),security,and other related functionality of WordPress Blogs.As in Blogger blogs the loading speed of blog get down by adding extra JavaScript widgets,likewise in WordPress installing many or extra Plugins to WordPress Blogs may down your Blog Loading Speed,and as a result you may lose your Blog Traffic.So be careful while installing any Plugin.However the Plugin we are going to Provide is simple and easy to install,these plugins will not effect your Blog Speed.
image source highervisibility

Top 5 Cool WordPress Plugins 2013

If you are using WordPress and you don't have any one of the below Plugins installed,then you are forsaken by fortune,however these plugins are really awesome,you must install it in your WordPress Blog.The list of the Cool WordPress Plugins are Given below.


Add Social Sharing Buttons Widget To Blogger
Social Media has become the main source of your Blog/website traffic,there fore never underestimate the social media networks.For Boosting Blog traffic you should add Social Sharing Buttons Widget to your Blog.Which helps you and your visitors to easily share your Blog Contents with their Friends,as a result you will get the bonus of traffic to your blog.The widget we are sharing contain Google+ Share Button,Twitter Tweet Buttons,Stumble,Facebook Send and Like Button,Pinterest,and many other social network buttons.You can add it either above the Blogger Post or Below the Blogger Posts,however it is very simple and clean widget which will not effect your Blog Loading Speed.

How To Add Social Sharing Buttons Widget To Blogger

  • Go To Blogger Dashboard


Expandable Recent Comments Widget is a new Blogger Widget,which shows the recent comments of the readers along with the Date and Exact Time.This is very interesting widget which allows you to easily see the Contents of the Comment,Now you don't have to Click on the title link or commenter for showing the comments,just add this widget on your blog right side-bar and then you can easily navigate the comments of your readers.For expanding the Content of the comment just click the "plus +"  sign and for hiding the content of comment click the minus sign (-) or you can simply hide and show it by simply pressing Show All or hide All Button at starting time.

How To Add New Expandable Recent Comments Widget To Blogger

Tata Docomo Free Internet Trick With Opera Handler May 2013

Step 1 :
Make a new settings as per below
Proxy Address:
Proxy Port : 8080
Home Page :
Step 2 :
Download opera Handler...
Step 3 :
Make changes in opera handler as below.
Socket Server:
Port :80

6 Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Blog

There are certain mistakes that can ruin your blog’s growth and stop earnings from it. If you want to create a blog from which you earn a large amount, then you will have to follow below listed steps, so as to increase your blogs growth and increase the rank of blog to a level that you are dreaming of.

I have seen many bloggers leaving their blogs after few months, thinking that they cannot earn through it, so on the basis of such observations, I have listed 6 common mistakes which really prevent your blog from growing.

1. Thinking of just earning from Blog 

I have seen many bloggers just leaving their blog in few months, disappointed of the fact that they cannot earn from it in a small time.

So, my first point is that never think of just money when you start your blog. First think of building up its presence on the Internet, increasing traffic to it, build up relations with other bloggers.

New Working Airtel 3G proxy trick for may 2013

Hello Friendz, We Come Back Today With a New Airtel 3G GPRS Trick.We All Know That 3G Internet Packs Are Very Expensive But With This Trick You May Enjoy Free 3G Internet On Zero

Balance.This Trick Works In PC And Mobile.It Is Limited To 100mb Data. After Browsing 100mb Disconnect It And Reconnect. For Avoiding Sim Block. And Read Below Settings Carefully And Try This Trick In Your State

Go To Settings: 

List of best List of Torrent Leeching Sites 2013

We all now that zbigz is the best torrent caching client. But on the free version you get  very slow Speed and there are many limits and for getting full advantages of it user’s Need to buy premium Account. Earlier we used premium cookies to hack zbigz but it is now blocked by zbigz. So we are sharing some alternatives of zbigz by which you can download torrents at high speed.

Collection of Torrent Leeching sites

  • TorrentLeech.Org
  • BitLet.Org 
Well these are some websites alternative to zbigz or each other. I cannot say which is best, but currently I'm satisfied with putdrive. It works fine for me. You can check all sites and decide which is better according to your need.

Airtel new high speed 3g proxy Trick 100% Working For May 2013

Airtel user now easily enjoys the free 3G free GPRS. Here now we have the latest
3G tricks through which the Airtel customers making some changes in their internet settings.. They can enjoy
not 2G, but 3G internet. They have to reset their proxy settings according to the given proxy
1) Use any of the proxy (for specified area’s specific proxy so use all to check which was working) / / /
2) Port for the above proxy is:- 80
3) APN used: –
4) For Homepage use the following:- / / / / /
Just follow the four steps you can easily enjoy the free 3G services from Airtel.

Working blast AIRTEL Free 10 Super Hit Ringrone Song!! 1st on Net

Today I Am Back With Latest Airtel Free Ringtone Trick
Just Follow Below Instructions:-
*. Dial 57878555 From Your Mobile
*. Then Choose Any Hot Super Ringtone.,.!!
*. Enjoy Free Ringtone....!!
*. Working IN West BEnGAL
Note:- Try This Trick @ Low Balance....!

Ucweb 8.9 Hispeed Airtel Mod.JAR May 2013

* Just Download Ucweb 8.9 From Below Link...!
* Keep Balance Below 30 paisa..!
* Use Airtel Internet / Mobile Office Settings..!
* Thats All...!!
Friendzz,Dont Download More than 50 Mb Continuously..!!
Oherwise There Is A Chance To Get Your Sim Blocked..!!
Now Enjoy Free Browsing N Downloading:-):-)
Please Try And Reply Friendz..!!
If This Is Not Working Dont Worry,
Just Go To ''Network Settings''-> ''Proxy Server''
Then Clear The Field And Put Working ''Proxy Server'' In Your State...!!
Best Of Luck..!!
Ucweb 8.9 Hispeed Airtel Mod By

Make Free Call all over INDIA All Networks

Free Call To Any Network (Air tel;Reliance; Vodafone; Idea)
Click On this Link
Enter Details.
Follow the steps written below.
1• Enter your mobile (use the international format +91 or 00)
e.g 919065862589
2• Enter the number you want to call (use the international
format es. for France 33 or 0033)
e.g 919864258369(IN DIA)
3• They will call you back and you'll talk for free!
By clicking on "Freecall"
When you Receive A Call Press '1' To confirm!
IT WILL WORK ONLY 5 minutes per day!

Vodafone India Launches ‘ALL-IN-ONE’ Plan for Samsung Galaxy S4

Vodafone India has come up with exclusive plan for those who are planning to buy to newly launched Samsung Galaxy S4. The ‘All-In-One’ tariff plan, for both post-paid and pre-paid customers offers voice, data as well as SMS benefits for Galaxy S4 owners.

BSNL Announces Latest Jobs In Maharashtra 2013

Latest Job In Maharashtra 2013

BSNL, the telecom giant of India announces latest job in Maharashtra 2013. These vacancies are offered by BSNL for the job of Technical Assistant. Check out theBSNL 2013 job details here:
BSNL jobs 2013, BSNL, BSNL logo
Name of Job: Telecom Technical Assistant
Job location: BSNL is inviting these jobs for telecom technical Assistant and are going to be operate from Maharashtra. If interested then checkout details for this job in Maharashtra.
Number of vacancies: Total numbers of posts vacant are 188.
Salary: The salary structure announced for this latest job in India 2013 is between Rs. 13600 to 25420/-.
Age limit: Candidate applying to this vacancy should have age between 18 to 27 years.

Latest Airtel Front Query Trick For OperaMini and UcBrowser May 2013

Latest Airtel Front Query Trick For Opera Mini and UcWeb Browser For Browsing and Downloading(For Android , Java , Symbian)
hii friends.. after a long time finally a working Front Query Trick i have found so i decided to share with you guys.This trick is working with Android , Java , Symbian with Opera Mini HUI and UCWeb Browser and also working on PC with VNap Buster.Through this trick you'll be surfing and downloading at high speed.
=> Features of Front Query Trick
* Browsing + Downloading at High Speed
* Works on your Pc ,Symbian , Java and Android Devices.
* Works with Opera Mini , Ucweb Browser , VNap Buster.
* It Supports Http , Https , Ssl Protocol.
* Works with your default Apn :
* It gives downloading speed upto 250-350 kbps.
=> How to use with Opera Mini HUI and UCWeb HUI Browser
* Firstly you need make new profile with the following settings:
Proxy IP :
Port : 80
* After that download the Opera MIni HUI and UCweb HUi Browser .
* After Installation Put the following Front Query and Real Host
Front Query :
Real Host :
Just save the settings after that you will be able to free browsing and downloading at high speed . Use it at Zero Balance to avoid Balance Deduction.

Airtel 3g New Youtube Supported Proxy Trick Working May 2013

I m Back... with An Superb proxy trick 4 All of U...
And I Would Like To Say its Found BY me..
After Many Requested Finally I M Share Here This proxy...
=> Features ==>>
> SSL Sites Supported
> Resume supported
> No Speed Capping
>working with 0 bal.
> working both Mob And PC
So trick is Given Below:---Settings=>>
port:- 80

Airtel latest 3G Trick May 2013

Hey This Time again good news for Rajasthan readers, We have again got Airtel 3G Hack TCP VPN Trick for them. It is well tested in Rajasthan and other northern states. But you have to remember that as this is based on host so you have to disconnect it after 300 MB Uses. Works On NMD VPN without any registration.Use it as much as you want say unlimited. This year we are getting many tricks of Airtel, So Guyzz enjoy it as much as you can.
=> Features Of This Trick :-
1. High 3G Speed.
2. Based On TCP 443
3. Works on APN-
4. No Any Balance Deduction.
As this Trick is based onTCP So it will get connected after 6-7 times.
Get The Trick From Below

Airtel 3G Latest PD Proxy Free Gprs Trick MAY 2013

This Latest Airtel PD proxy Trick 2013 has secret hosts which doesn't block your SIM even on high data usage. This PD Proxy Trick for Airtel is working in Punjab and some northern states. You may use our New Airtel Speed Uncapping Solution for getting Full 3G Speed .
=> Advantages of Airtel PD Proxy Free Gprs Trick:
· No Speed capping if used Airtel Speed Uncapping Solution
· No balance Limitations , It Works on Zero balance also
· use default APN:
· Multiple Download Supported
· No need to Configfure VPN and Configs
· Based on PD Proxy
· You can use this Trick Android phone via Feat VPN
· premium Server,s No Speeed Limitations in Free Account
· 100% Working in Punjab, and other Northern states
· All the HTTPS and HTTP protocols are supported.
· None Disconnection problem
=> Steps to Configure Airtel PD Proxy Free Gprs Trick:

How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

Are you having problems getting people to comment on your blog posts? It’s either your comment box doesn't working (which is highly unlikely) or you’re not hitting the right buttons. One of the most ignored ways of building steady readership on a blog is through the use of comment box.

Suppose you drive good number of traffic to your blog, but fail to tickle your readers to comment on your blog post. So if you are struggling for getting more comments on your blog, here is best guide for you. Follow the tips mentioned below which will help you to get more comments on your blog.

#1. Write Quality Content 

Everything starts with great content. Write on topics you feel strongly about or trending topics that elicit your reader’s opinions. However, this should be in line with your niche and placing political issues on a food blog is not a good idea.

Again, a little bit of creativity and research would help you come up with an interesting topic. Food blogs for example could talk about controversial diet programs or food cuisines that are entirely alien to their readers. The possibilities are limitless and only your imagination could stop you with coming up with a good topic.

How to Secure Web Browsing On Google Chrome

While no web browser or computer system can be 100% secure, there are tools that can better protect your computer system from hackers and malware. Here are some of the tools which are built right into Google Chrome that can help make Internet usage more secure.
Background Features
Chrome’s built-in features automatically secure parts of the user experience. For example, Chrome performs background updates routinely which helps to thwart hackers and malware attacks. In addition, the Chrome sand boxing function is used to run un trusted, unsecured or otherwise suspicious content in “scratch space” on the disk, where the resources are tightly controlled and network access is heavily restricted.
Google Chrome also comes stocked with phishing and malware protection. The browser displays a warning screen prompting the user to leave any potentially malicious site visited. While simple, these background features provide the foundation of an online defense system and prove undeniably effective in protecting users.

Under-the-Hood Extras

Airtel highspeed real host front query 3g trick May 2013

Airtel highspeed real host front query 3g trick

welcome to mobile tips and trick.friends my last "free airtel  proxy trick April 2013" very success full in south and some north state. total view this post is 5200 new airtel trick is real host and front query trick.both use in opera and uc web i come with latest and fresh will be able to unlimited browsing and downloading in fast 3g speed.this proxy both working in mobile and pc.this airtel proxy fine work in my android mobile.

advantage of airtel real host and front query

Aircel free internet proxy trick may 2013


Aircel free internet proxy trick may 2013

welcome friends, my last post for aircel network trick "aircel high speed 3g front query trick"is sucess in many state.this time i am come with aircel proxy trick.this proxy is very highspeed sim block,no  speed capping.this proxy give you 350kbps in aircel 3g coverage area and other 2g circle is 90kbps.

setting for mobile

  • create new account-----Indiatip
  • apn---------------------Aircelweb
  • proxy-------------------
  • port---------------------8080
  • homepage---------------
or any working free Home pages click here


Here is Trick.


LATEST AIRTEL 3G TRICK working all over india May 2013


Resume Supported Proxies Working Till DateHere is Trick.


Youtube Supported Proxies
Here is Trick.

new resume support 3G Proxy for gujarat mp and rajshtan May 2013

Hello Friend Here new resume support 3G Proxy

Here trick

*. APN -
*. PORT-80
*. PROXY -
{Use Any One From Below}

Here is Trick.


How to know what's your 3GVBC PLAN validity Airtel

When will your sim get unblocked, here is the procedure:
Here is Trick.
first activate some small 2G pack say 5 rupee pack and now in opera go to and there you will see 'account' link open it, now you will see 3G service link open it and you will get your 3gvbc plan validity.

Airtel 3g proxy trick for UP WEST may 2013

Here is Trick.

Today i am post new 3g resume support proxy
make a new setting
Apn -

How Web Hosting Impacts Growth of Your Blog

One of the most crucial factors affecting the performance of blogs is the web hosting. This factor greatly affects the ranking of blogs but unfortunately, a large number of bloggers ignores this or they don’t know about it. When they choose a poor host, the growth of their blog retards badly. Today we will discuss how hosting service relates with the growth of blogs.
A Bad Host Kills Your Blog
There is an uncountable number of hosting services on the Internet but all of these services aren’t good and a bad host takes your blog to the disastrous direction. Here is how a bad host may kill your blog partially or wholly.