How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

Are you having problems getting people to comment on your blog posts? It’s either your comment box doesn't working (which is highly unlikely) or you’re not hitting the right buttons. One of the most ignored ways of building steady readership on a blog is through the use of comment box.

Suppose you drive good number of traffic to your blog, but fail to tickle your readers to comment on your blog post. So if you are struggling for getting more comments on your blog, here is best guide for you. Follow the tips mentioned below which will help you to get more comments on your blog.

#1. Write Quality Content 

Everything starts with great content. Write on topics you feel strongly about or trending topics that elicit your reader’s opinions. However, this should be in line with your niche and placing political issues on a food blog is not a good idea.

Again, a little bit of creativity and research would help you come up with an interesting topic. Food blogs for example could talk about controversial diet programs or food cuisines that are entirely alien to their readers. The possibilities are limitless and only your imagination could stop you with coming up with a good topic.

#2. Ask Question

It’s really a tricky method to get comments on your blog post. What if you posted a very informative article but no one has commented on it. Here you just need to ask question from your blog readers within your blog post.

Asking questions at the end of your blog post is a great way of soliciting your reader’s comment or feedback on your blog post. Just ask open questions from your readers that help them share their thought more freely and easily. The more you build relationships within your community, the more they care about you and your business.

#3. Respond to Comments 

Conversations build relationships. In order to building your blog community, you need to respond each and every comment on your blog. It shows you pay attention to your blog reader’s comments. Your reply to your blog commenters continues the conversations and tickles your blog readers to comment on your blog. So it’s always a good idea to respond your every blog comment and welcome your readers once again.

#4. Make Commenting Easy 

Most of the websites that offer a comment box require readers to log in their personal information which could be a bit of a drag if you’re only planning to place a few words or phrases. Some blogs even oblige people to become fans or join the website before allowing them to comment.

Comments and feedback give you a deeper insight into what type of audience is reading your blogs. This is why making it easier for people to place their comments gives you a better look into what type of writing works for your blog. A simple opt-in box asking them their email address and user name is a good way of making commenting easier while protecting your blog from spam comments.

#5. Reward Your Commenters 

Just another great trick to increase your blog comments, if you start rewarding your blog commenters, it will surely get more comments on your blog. This can be done by allowing them to include their website link, their recent post links and their twitter handle on their comments. You can also reward your blog commenters by displaying top commenters list at the sidebar or footer of your blog. No doubt it builds the relationship further.

#6. Comment on Other Blogs 

It is yet another way to get more comments and drive traffic to your blog. Commenting on other blogs is a nice way to invite people to write comments on your blogs. Sharing your ideas with other blog owners and inviting them to visit and comment on your blog helps build stronger relationship with fellow bloggers. Make sure to comment on same niche blogs.

So these are the 6 best tips I use to get more comments on my blog. What other tricks you use to get comment on your Blog? If you have any more idea that should be listed here, feel free to share it.

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