Top Best Security Gadgets for Women

Today, no one is secure if someone leaves his/her home. To help you outside your home, you should have some security gadgets with you so that you can avoid any panic situation. Today, I will be sharing top best security gadgets for women. Here I am more concerned about women security because they are more prone to face these kinds of things. We see that number of rape cases is increasing day by day (worst in India) so they should have something which can save them from these type of situations but this doesn't mean that men cannot use these security gadgets.
Best Security Gadgets for Women When They Are Outside Home
Given below, is the list of best security gadgets for women. You can choose any one or all of these security gadgets to increase your security. These are some cheap and easy solutions for your security (most of them will cost you less that the price of a pizza). So purchase these security gadgets from your nearer stores.


best security gadgets for women
This is the most cheap, simple and best security gadgets for women when they are outside their home. This can be a pepper spray or any other spray. These sprays can be used for our security and defense. The effects of a spray are blindness and eye pain. Also, you can easily hide these sprays into your pockets, purse or coat pockets. So it’s better to carry one with you when you are outside your home.

2- Stun Gun

This is another good security gadget for you. It gives an electric shock to the person you target. It has a a circuit which generates a high voltage electric shock. But you should use this carefully otherwise it might give you a shock.

Best Security Gadgets for Women When They Are Inside Their Home

1-Digital Door Lock

Sometimes even your home is not secure so you need some gadgets which keep you secure inside your home. Installing a digital lock in your home is a nice way to keep yourself protected from burglars and other intruders.

2-Camera Security

Actually this is not a tool but a camera can be an effective tool to help protect your security. With a camera installed, you can see who is coming to visit you. Don’t let any intruders come inside your home. This can be an effective way to keep you protected.


It does not use camera to detect the presence of intruders. It has some sensors, which will detect any intruder and send you an email or SMS. It is a costly solution.

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