Top 5 Alternatives to Google Reader

Google Reader is going close on July 1. Those who use this service must start looking for an alternative. I suggest here five web and mobile applications that will replace Google Reader to some extent.
This service is probably the one that is closest to Google Reader. It offers some nice features like the ability to share, save or send by email  that appear on your RSS reader.
In addition, you can mention Newsblur  articles and notes you like. Ultimately, the themes of tickets that you do not enjoy will no longer appear. Newsblur is available in Web, Android, iPhone and aniPad . This service is not free. It costs $ 1 per month. Newsblur seems to be rather slow.
newsblur Descary 5 alternatives to Google Reader
Feedly is probably many peoples favorite application. Basically, it was a service that incorporated the subscriptions of your Google Reader account. It shows  all contents in a magazine-style format.Feedly is somehow applications such as Flipboard, Zite and Pulse precursor.

This web solution was changed, however, once you have linked your account to Feedly Reader, you will need to go back to Google Reader. All information about your subscription will be available from Feedly. As Google Reader, here you can save, add tags and share notes and articles on social media. Visually it is the RSS Reader . Feedly is also available on all the platforms like Android , iPhone and iPad.
fever rss Descary 5 alternatives to Google Reader
Fever is not a conventional RSS reader. It is an application that you install on your web server. So you must know how to create a database and be familiar with FTP applications.
Once installed, Fever resume file your Google Reader subscriptions you have previously exported.
Netvibes is one of the RSS readers “historic”.  WeI had neglected for years in favor of Google Reader. Netvibes is an RSS reader that offers a view widgets grouped by theme. It is also possible to get a view similar to Google Reader which is called Player. Netvibes Interface has not been retouched several years. However, Netvibes is a very reliable solution.
You may be familiar with Flipboard? Do you know that this iPhone, Android and iPad application can also manage RSS feeds from Google Reader? As of Feedly, just authenticate Flipboard with its Google Reader and voila account. Flipboard then import all your RSS feeds on your mobile device.

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