How to purpose a girl that she can not refuse and never forget you

Everyone wants a girl friend who care him miss him enjoy with him but most of us have a problem we don't know how to purpose a girl and make her friend to girl friend. actually we don't know how can i purpose her and she says yes so guys like a helper today i am going to tell you the way of purpose a girl that she can not refuse if in any condition she will say no then don't worry i am telling you she can not forget you till her last breath .Every girl want a boy friends who care for her ,suffers without her,miss her ,enjoy with her and most of hold her hand and say "I AM WITH YOU IN ANY CONDITION".
Some of us thinking that if a girl is very smart than it will not say yes a lower boy who you not good looking as her but guys there is no such thing in this word .
looks matter but the actually thing matter is what a person.
Here is the way to purpose a girl -

Take the girl into a silent place ( like a garden ) in the evening.
Hide your friend there with Red Roses(No one can see him).
Now take the girl in the middle of the garden and say her to close her eyes.
After closing her eyes get the Roses from your friend now get down on your Knees.
Hold Roses in your hand.
And say to her to open her eyes.
After opening her eyes Hold roses both of your hands and said to her -"YOU ARE MY DREAMS NOW I WANT TO MAKE MY DREAM REAL WILL YOU HELP ME  I WANNA SAY TO U I LOVE YOU AS LONG AS YOU LIVE I HAVE AND ALL WILL".

Congratulation friend she will definitively say Yes to you now enjoy your life and try to make her happy so much.

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