How to Convert LVF to AVI Video to View Your CCTV Camera Footage

I need to convert my CCTV security camera footage from LVF to AVI in order to actually see the video. My VLC free media player usually plays everything  but this time I could not find any players that would work with a LVF file.
So what I needed was a program that converted the camera footage into AVI format. Any Video Converter did not do the trick in this case. Finally I relised I had been given a small disc with the CCTV camera system. The program I needed was on there.
The program is called LVF2AVI and this video shows you how to use it. I also stated (in the video) that you should protect your computer before downloading this exe file as these sites are completely unknown to me.

Convert LVF to AVI Video

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  1. Great! Thank you for sharing this! I just got a surveillance system installed on our store. It was a good investment, in my opinion, because I can keep an eye on our merchandise and our customers really prefer our store because of safety reasons.