How to set proxy server setting in IDM(Internet Download Manager)

When we use free proxy setting in our browser then some time we see a problem that we are unable to  download form IDM(Internet download manager) it shows some type of http error message.
so today i am going to tell you that how can you set proxy setting in the IDM and download anything from IDM.

Please follow these steps :-

step-1.Star your IDM.
step-2.Click on Download button (which is on the top left side).
step-3.Now click on Options.
step-4.Now click on Proxy/socks Button ( which is on the top left side).
Now you can see in this image

Check on use proxy and enter your proxy in proxy server address box and enter port in port box.
leave empty the box Username ,Password as i do in the up image.

you can also check on http https ftp box.

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