Latest Top 3 Best WordPress SEO Plugins 2013

Everyone wants to be at the top of Google which seems impossible b’cause there’s only one place and too much aspirants, but the thing is you can increase your chance of getting to the first place with this list of 3 best WordPress SEO Plugins 2013.
But before getting to the main part keep it in mind that SEO is not only about using plugin you need to do things like link building, internal linking, etc. too
After doing all these things and installing this plugin than you can even think, mark my words, “than” you can even think of ranking better.
And the fact is blogging and SEO both takes time before you would see any good result, and this time is inversely proportional to smart work you are doing on your blog.
Increase your work rate and than the time to see the result would decrease and you would have what you want in the less time.
So, without much more waiting, here comes

Top 3 Best WordPress SEO Plugins 2013!

WordPress SEO by Yoast - Best WordPress SEO Plugins 2013

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

It is the best plugin out there, many bloggers would suggest a newbie to use All in one SEO first and than you may get your hands on this awesome piece.
Well, the thing is it is fully optimized for everyone in every aspect that is whether you are a novice, newbie whether you know nothing about a WordPress site, you would be able to set this plugin.

Some of its features are:
Page Analysis – To check if you have fully optimized your content for SEO and if you haven’t it would tell you things to improve.
Technical WordPress SEO – It has all the functions needed for this modern SEO, some you need to set and some will get set automatically whenever you would save a post with the keyword.
Import data from other plugins – It has the function with which you can easily integrate SEO data from other SEO WordPress Plugins.
XML Sitemaps – You don’t need any other plugin to create a sitemap, this one has everything you need to create a XML sitemap (s).
If you are serious about SEO, leave the hands of your current SEO plugin and activate this one if you doesn’t have this.
SEOPressor - Best WordPress SEO Plugins 2013

2. SEOPressor

It is a premium plugin and it’s creator says that is the best one, but the thing is there’s not much difference between this and the plugin above.
And yeah SEOPressor would notify you for more things than Yoast would but paying$97 for the same thing is foolishness and nothing more than that.
If you have that amount money to spare than you may give that amount to me instead of buying it because it have an alternative that is same.
And if you are a SEOPressor lover than you are more than welcome to fight with me via comment I would be happy to clear your doubts.
all in one seo pack - Best WordPress SEO Plugins 2013

3. All in One SEO Pack

This is the oldest WordPress SEO plugin and is trusted by millions of people out there because of it’s easiness.
You only have to install this plugin than add meta title, description and keywords.
Now, you must be thinking that if this plugin is used by millions than why it is not the best. Right?
Well, it is because no big search engine uses meta keywords to rank a blog so adding these are waste of time and Yoast has all of its features with some more.


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