Top 10 Call Blocking Apps In Android Smartphones

Top 10 Android Apps Call Blocking in smartphones In today's world, we are always in contact with. One of us is always on our cell phones SMS, at any time, email, instant messenger and more, can be found on the phone with us.
Sometimes, however, you want to talk to someone, and then you just can switch your phone off or grid
to go into airplane mode. Other times, however, you do not want to talk about, and there are only a few people, and that there are applications for the call blocking.

Call blocking, where there are a lot of Apps, but some are better than others. Apps in the Android call blocking are the top 10, and this should help you find one in your right to privacy.

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1.) Mr number. The application has gotten a ton of great reviews. By Mr No application letting you text and call, a call manager, but it can also block certain callers, or to everyone, depending on your mood. Is a feature rich application, a number of the call blocker is your best bet say.

NQ Mobile 2.) Call blocker. Almost any application where the application of privacy seems to have the most to offer. Beyond blocking unwanted calls, which helps to prevent spam emails and you can quickly and easily call or text message history to erase data from your phone.

. 3) Call Control - Call Blocker. This Android app is free, and Google Play Store is almost a five-star review. It also allows you to block text messages, and it will automatically ignore the FCC's Do not Call list that blocks telemarketers is a feature rich call blocker.
4.) Extreme Call Blocker Droid. You are the makers of the most popular call blocker app is pretty confident in that, if it is not satisfied with the money back guarantee that comes with the paid app. A highly customizable application, you can only choose not to block calls or texts, you also can choose how they are organized. Plus, this application when you want to have blocked calls, calendar and timer are scheduled.

5.) Call & Message blocker. Receives four stars from users of the Android app stable. A perfect application, this is a feature rich and fully functional call and a number of options, including voicemail, to keep away unwanted callers is the best blocker of the message.

6.) Blacklist Pro. This is all about is another Android call blocker. If you want to keep away from people who do not want to talk to, to help protect your privacy, has many features. No one you've seen on your phone to know that you may be trying to avoid them, and their calls, so this app will be hidden away from the launcher.

7.) Blacklisted. Blacklist Pro is a free version of the Blacklist. This film is not rich, but if you met an efficient call blocker, it still gets a good job.

8.), Root Call Blocker. This is a pretty straightforward application; properties can not be completed because it gets right to the point. It is the best and effective call and SMS blocker, and it is also making sure that they get a lot of position, was rejected in a text can be sent to them.

9.) Call Blocker Gold. In many applications, the only payment is a free application that is dripping with features. Spammers, scammers, telemarketers to stop, and the best part of the community shared blacklist.By Embware

10.) Phone call blocker. There is another free application that gets right to the point. You can not see the ads, such as password protection, some of the privacy features that will give you a call blocker If you are looking for

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