Blog Traffic Strategies with Tips For More Traffic

Blog traffic strategies, the most important thing for both, a blog and a blogger.Right?
But many bloggers don’t have even one strategy to get traffic, maybe you too. ;)
And that’s why this post is here, you are going to get some awesome blog traffic strategies with some tips now but before that I want to tell you something and which is.
Blogging is a slow thing you have to wait long to see the results in everything whether you are talking about traffic, money or anything related.
So, don’t be impatient if you would not see immediate results with every strategy here and also keep this in mind that traffic would come now or sooner but it would come so don’t even think to leave blogging.
Now, without much more waitin’ here are

5 Blog Traffic Strategies

 blog traffic strategies

Use Social Media Wisely!

Social Media is one of the great source to gain reputation and traffic and also to lose them both in a fraction of a second.
Why? and How? Right?
Well, when you would promote your posts more than the limit (you know the line) than your followers and friends would really get disappointed and in the end you would start to lose the TRAFFIC,
And do you know that you can get more traffic from social media than Google, the only thing you need is a good strategy. I am working on it and will soon publish a post on this topic.
Oh, you are here for the strategy and I am wasting your time.
So, let’s get to the bottom of this.
You only need to do three things and soon (nothing is fast in blogging, keep this always in mind) you would be having an handsome amount of traffic because of your blog traffic strategies.
For Facebook:
1. Not just create a page like others regularly update it and that is also not only with your links, post some funny pics, quizzes.
As with this the likers would wait to get more with your page and than when you would post a link they would surely check it out.
2. Don’t promote only yourself, post what you find useful. A bad post from a big blogger is nothing as compared to an awesome one from a new blogger.
And the thing is it is a win-win situation for both you and your readers.
As when you would promote other’s useful stuff than your readers would love it. Right?
But that’s only the one side of the coin, you would also get loads of traffic.
B’cause when you would promote others stuff than other bloggers are also likely to promote your awesome stuff. So, you would not get traffic if you don’t have awesome quality content. Work on it first, than think of anything other.
3. Join larger groups related to your niche and than whenever you would write an awesome post promote it there.
Warning! Don’t promote your SKIM content (every one has) there as it would only get critcized by others which you may not like, choices may still vary. Whether you want to create a repu or destroy it before creation.
For Twitter:
There’s not much with twitter, follow the second facebook tip on twitter and partially first.
Tweet regularly and promote useful stuff, this is the beginning of a great strategy of traffic.
For Google+:
There’s also not anything much here but I would never ever ignore Google+ in terms of anything.
B’cause it is owned by Google and if you would have trust on it than in return Google will also have trust on your blog (promoting your stuff with link, giving Google the path to your post).
1. Connect with as many people as you can and un follow the ones which doesn't follow you back but never do this with Mr. Popular(s).
And than share some awesome unique stuff. After that many people would +1 it and Google+ promotes what is trending.
So, you got me now. Google+ would do work for you without costing you anything.
2. Do same as in Facebook second one.
So, now you have successfully got some awesome blog traffic strategies which you can use on social media.

There’s no alternative to SEO!

On 99% blogs in this blogging world the biggest traffic source is Google and other major search engines.
And the thing is SEO is as easy as blogging and it takes time too for the effect.
You have to consistently work for optimizing your content for search engines as no one knows when you would going to get loads traffic except you.
And How do you know?
It is because this time is inversely proportional to the efforts you would put in. The more you work, the sooner you will get results.
And so now you need a SEO strategy. Right?
Well, there is nothing like that as everyone have their own and which works for someone would not work for you.
But the story doesn't ends here, I have some great posts for you to get most out of SEO.

Forums are Awesome and Bookmarking is Cool!

In today’s blogosp here, forums back links are of no use as compared to the commenting ones but the traffic you can get from FORUM signature is far more than the COMMENTING anywhere.
Moreover, forums are also a great place to build up a new online presence to a fully new audience.
So, which forums you should add in your blog traffic strategies?
Bookmarking was good, is good and will be good in future for your blog traffic strategies as you can get loads of traffic from just one share.
The only thing you would have to need to get traffic from bookmarking sites is that you first have to be active there.
But you need to have a list of best bookmarking sites to get most traffic so here is my Bookmarking Sites List.

Guest Post!

This thing should be in every blogger’s blog traffic strategies list.
B’cause it is the most trending way of getting more exposure, back links and nonetheless traffic which you want most from your blog traffic strategies. Don’t you?
And How should you find blogs to guest post?
Well, it’s as easy as searching on Google just enter the keyword below and replace Niche with your blog’s niche.
“Guest Post” Your Niche
If this doesn’t works for you than enter Write for US rather than guest post.
And you can plan your strategy according to the guidelines of the blog where you would guest post. Different Guidelines, different back links and traffic strategies.

Held a Giveaway or a Contest!

This is a new thing, not the giveaway but the contest. Many bloggers are now starting blogging contest on their blogs.
They are getting lots of free traffic during and also after the blogging contest you would still receive traffic because of the post you would still get awesome traffic.
Giveaway is awesome too to attract a new audience as people in this world are always looking for the free factor, and you would get a lot of search engine traffic from these blog traffic strategies.
And you don’t need to do much to start these on your blog as they are just another posts.

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