Google Glass: What Is Google Glass Technology

Google glass - According to Wikipedia information , Google glass with a head mounted display, a "Wearable" computer. And it was just too much work and a great addition to the user of a smartphone and actions can be compared. With Google glass, you can hang out, photos, record videos, take, access maps, can be found at the web up - your voice and your eye movements by controlling the device.

There is a mixed opinion about Google glass over the internet. Let's take a look at glass.
Google glass - the device features and the ability to

Google Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system comes with glass.

Device memory, it "will be used" to memory is 16 GB and 12 GB. Memory is expected to be the rest of the Android OS, and other management-related tasks.

Google glass OMAP 4430 CPU (dual-core) comes with. Usable.5 MP camera, 682 MB of device in the device can also shoot 720p videos, it comes with a 1GB RAM.

Black (charcoal), Orange (Tangerine), neutral (shale), White (Cotton) and Light Blue (Sky) - the device comes in 5 colors.

Google class colors
Google Glass - Good, Bad and the Ugly

The device frame and nosepad it "fitting" that are making it very soft. There are also two additional nosepads at two different sizes.

However, in its review, Engadget Google has noted that the glass can cause us headaches.

Google's support page is the most commonly used battery for a full day, he said. At the same time, we record a video on Google when I think of the glass is one of the most common applications, it is by Google, "battery intensive" work (on its support) is one of the most popular.

This is very disappointing. Take a charger and a charging outlet in the middle of a work day consists of a rush - in particular, a lot of us the pictures, recording videos, Hangouts, etc., taking, for tasks like checking emails on our face, is expected to have a device that will be disappointed.

On the same page, Google has warned about the problems of interference.

In addition, I pointed out before, the continuous hour glass appeared wearing induced headache. Plus, full-length videos recorded Temple (reported by Engadget) heats up.

Before you start to use this google glass device, you need to first connect or  pair the device with your Google Account. And then you're ready to go. You've seen what the other person will transmit a very good meeting with your Google+ account by the glass screen at the same time look at the other person.

A glass a day with the Google official video

There are also some misbehaviors such as registered users:

1. Google glass, sometimes the magic word "OK Glass" is a different person from the conversation and choose the words and the word starts with a Google search.

2. Sometimes the magic word was uttered more than once to start the device.

3. Clean the device work sanely required to have an accent - you are an alien in a strange accent, however, you do not get into trouble.
Google when glass is available and / or it does not cost much?

The device is currently in a closed group of developers started for. Glass developers to access Google Google I / O required to register for a demo session and a developer version of the price for those who wanted to get a glass of "how" is the $ 1500 to attend.

However, there is likely to be less rational than retail price.

Google Glass - Privacy And Social Issues

OK Google glass is all cool. But the first time I heard about Google glass flashed in my mind of all the issue of privacy.

Anyone can take a picture of a little cute in the face with a glass, or anyone else can record a video. A person in a pub or in a movie screen, and his / her friends (/ she does not want to see their parents drinking in a pub who says) does not want to be photographed.
What Anyone know what a beach in a bikini and take a snap, and he was a happy girl (we all know how bad bullying and how it can get worse) wants to bully with glass can be used in whatever way the image is in any person.

And let me talk a bit about the social issues. Looking for a smartphone screen down and typing a text message or an email to get together face to face in a "social element" will be cut off.

And the many Google glass supporters argue that the glass will eliminate these problems. However, in order to enable the device to "OK Glass" that is required. The magic utter a word in the middle of a conversation you want to recognize your friends?

In case If you are ready to  dealing with something on the online or web and Google glass of the screen is a bit of an eye to look up, just a bit on the looks - and you can not get by without getting noticed.

Glass has had an adverse effect on the hour with the right eye, and there is now evidence to suggest that as much as possible.

Google Glass - Temporary

Although everything sounds good on the glass, which I personally have a bit of a gadget. I'm not sure I completely forget about Google's privacy issues.

Google glass on the face of someone with a focus on two different eyes, if you have two fields, and do not feel it? - I do not know by now, but I feel like asking.

Google glass will serve as your focus and hands-free use of a smartphone - using only voice commands. I can not deny the fact that this thing is really cool.

Ugly, but Google made of glass and will discuss the privacy issues?

Helps people see how the commercial version of the Let your Google glass. Meanwhile, right under the comments feel free to share your feedback about Google glass

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