How to Enable or Activate New Facebook News Feed

Recently Facebook, has gone through a lot of changes. Facebook has introduced Timeline, Graph Search and now the new news feed. Facebook has totally changed the look and feel of the new News feed. Experts are saying, the brand new look of the News Feed of Facebook is a reminiscence of Google+ and I do agree to them. But, there are more features offered here than Google has to offer.
The new News Feed of Facebook, is as they say, inspired from the mobile based design of Facebook apps. It looks very similar to the apps that are found in iOS and Android devices. The new design will be rolling out slowly and steadily for users all across the globe, and people who want to try it right away can join the wait list and access them earlier than the general FB users.

What is new in Facebook News Feed (with Video)?

The new Facebook news feed, is all about getting more information to the user in a beautiful manner. The users can make several list about their friends and likes. Just like Twitter, you can click on those list and read updates from those specific users. I follow and a lot of bloggers all around the world and I would love to make a list of them. This way, I can see updates only from those bloggers I have made friends with.
Enable the New Facebook News Feed
The photos and videos will be more detail and beautiful on the new Facebook News Feed. All photos will have captions and like buttons embedded on to them, the same way as in Google Plus. Videos will be larger and brighter than ever before. Status and information will show up with beautiful images of people who shared them and liked it. That is all we know of right now. Facebook staff said, they have redesigned the News feed to give people a better and spacious experience. Gone are the days of cluttered news.

How to enable New Facebook News Feed?

To enable Facebook’s new News Feed, all you got to do is click here. After clicking on the link, you land on the page, where Facebook shows off its new News feed and its features. Scroll to the bottom of the list. You will see a green button saying “Try the new Look”. Click on that and just like that you are on the wait list.
Once you are on the wait list, you have to just wait for the time being. You will see for yourself, Facebook will automatically enable the New feature in some days or weeks. Being a slow roll out it will take more time to be enabled than Graph Search did.

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