Top 5 Best Domain Name Search Tools

You are a blogger or a webmaster. Then, you will agree, that your domain name is your brand. It’s the thing, that makes you apart from others. Picking a  name is very tough and we need different tools to pick one. The names we think of are sometimes taken. So what do we do.
Maybe we could pick up alternative domain names to start-up our blog. Gone are the days when a domain name had search value. Today, a domain name is little or no SEO value and the game has totally changed. If you do become a professional blogger, make a name for yourself in the blogosphere  than people will come to know of you, only because of the name you have given to your blog or website, that is, your Domain names.
Before, we go ahead buy ourselves a domain, we want to make sure the name is available, or a name really close to it is available. The  name suggesting tools come to our aid, I did a long research on such tools and came out with 5 of the very best research tools ever.

The 5 Best Domain Name Search Tools

WHOIS Domain Search name Tool

Whois tool
WHOIS is the main directory of all the domain ever registered on the internet. It contains all the blogs listed over the internet. You can also search domain names on WHOIS. It shows all the availabledomain and alternative names and related domain names up for grab. It has non flashy basic structure, but it is totally reliable.

You can also look up the details about a registered domain. They also contain specific SEO tools that can help you increase and analyse your search engine ranks. These tools will help you get better Search engine ranks.
Click here, to go to Whois  tool.

Domains Bot Search Tool

Domain Bot tool

Domains Bot, is the one I prefer when I search for specific name over the internet. The user interface of this searching tool is very impressive. It is like Google instant. You enter a word and it starts finding them. There is no need to click any button or hit return key.
You can search all kinds of domain extension, like .com, .net etc. It is very fast in searches and is totally reliable. You can even start registering a domain from there. Click here to go to the tool. Tool

Register Search tool also has a name search plugin, which works great. It is fast and reliable. Apart from name Search, it also allows you host your domain on Linux or Windows-based host. It supports cPanel as well as Plesk.
It gives all the alternative names if your name is taken using synonyms of the name you are using. It is a very handy tool to use.
Click here to go to the tool.

CheckDomain Search tool

Tool  - Check domain
Whenever you Google “Domain search tool” on Google, this is the page which comes out on the top. There is a reason behind this. It is very trusted domain search tool. It is totally basic and is the fastest loading tool I have ever come across. It is very basic to use. There are not a lot of features on Check Domain, still its a worth trying. It will full fill all your expectations and slow connection people can rejoice.
Click here to visit the website.

Instant Tool

Instant domain search tool
Instant Domain Search tool is like Domains Bot. It’s name is inspired by Google Instant search. It searches the name in the same way that Google searches queries in. After a search there is also an option of buying the domain at a reasonable price. You can select which Domain Registrar to register domain with. By default it is Go Daddy.

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