Best Ways To Beat Facebook Addiction Trick

there are many way to , a Facebook addiction to beat, but the ways in which you can regain control of your social life, there are five ways here today  (a Facebook block design.)  Any of course, to the front, you need to self-awareness. Like most addictions, congratulating, and was fully aware of the nature of your problem, it is a pre-requisite to achieve.You may be frittering away your life in the world's largest social 

1. Put A Facebook Time Magazine.

Click to see on your smart phone or computer, Facebook is a virtual alarm set time. When you stop, alarm clock, and you can check the amount of time wasted ... er ... Write spent on Facebook. Limit of one week (six hours is plenty), set and when you go out of self-punishment mete.

2. Facebook Try To Block The Software.

You can access your computer from being able to block Facebook and other Internet time wasters download and install one of the many software programs.
Self Control, for example, you can choose any amount of time, email, or block access to specific web sites to allow an application for the Apple computers.
Other examples were limited Cold Turkey and Facebook. These programs are also the most easy to unblock Facebook.

3. Get Help From Your Friends.

Your husband / boyfriend / girlfriend to your Facebook account and promised to hide it for at least a week or two, get set for a new password. Facebook to stop cheap, easy way. Then allowFacebook, go to your sweet talking.

4. Deactivate Facebook.

None of the above help, then the Facebook sign-in and temporarily suspend or deactivate your Facebook account. Go to your Facebook account settings page, you can click on, and the last option - removal of the Facebook account - suspend your account until you are ready to go again. All you have to activate your Facebook to sign in again since, requires enormous self-control

5. Remove[Delete[ Facebook.

All else fails, leave Facebook permanently. The network offers, but you will find hidden removal can be done by selecting the Facebook option. Only 14 days later, the selected data to your profile, photos and friends list because you want to eliminate, Facebook must live without feeding your addiction.
Deleting your Facebook account can be found in some of the social equivalent of suicide, but it's a little dramatic. The omission of the fact that some of your Facebook "real" as a way to 

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