How to optimize Blog post title for High Traffic

Everything needs an identity. Just like humans need a name to be recognized, blogs have name and title. The title of that blog is the identity of the blog which gives an idea to every single person about what the blog is based on. Coming one step down, there are several posts in a blog and the posts too have a title.
The title of a blog posts acts as the link between the content of the post and the page where the link appears. If the title of a post is attractive and able to convince the reader, there are chances that the reader will click on the link and end up on the post page. An attractive title will result in more pageviews, more CTR and probably more revenue, whereas if you have a non descriptive title, people will never be interested in clicking the link and coming to read the post. To make sure that people read your post, you need to know what does a post title depicts

What is the significance of Post title

  • Post title is pretty much like the face of a human body. Just like you have face on your body to make sure people can compare you with others and recognize you, blog post title allows users to navigate among various posts and finally read the one they want.
  • Post title ultimately affects your pageviews and revenue. If you have a good title, people will more likely visit that page resulting in more revenue and more pageviews.
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How to write better blog post title for High traffic

Write descriptive and long title

Title should always be descriptive if you want to convince users. If your title gives a fair idea about what the post is all about, chances are that you are going to attract more visitors. Even in search engines, if your title matches the searched query, you will get better SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position). Similarly, long title gives you opportunity to summarize your post in the title itself. If you prefer writing short titles, then you do not get that much of scope to explain your post and to convey what you want to, but a long title (70-90 characters) makes sure that you can include the message which is enough to give an idea to the visitor.

Include maximum number of keywords in the post title

Including keywords in the title is beneficial for your search engine reputation. There are many bloggers who prefer including just a single keyword in the title, if you have a great article, that will make sure you will rank on the very first page of the search engines. But if you try including 2-3 keywords in the title, chances are that you will rank higer for all the keywords and that will boost your search engine rankings for all those 3 keywords.
If you look at the title of this post, you will find 3 keywords
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Now, the authority of this domain and the quality of my content, always makes sure I rank better in search engines for my post. This title will make sure to give me better rankings for at least 2 keywords and I need not to make any extra effort for that.

Post should be SEO friendly and easily understandable for the visitors

I keep saying it many times, that the blog post title should be written for the users and not for Search engines, but if you develop that ability to write a title which is both SEO friendly and user friendly, then it will attract direct visitors as well as visitors from search engines.

Some more important tips of a better title

  • Always try to keep the title away from the stopwords. Words like “a, an, the, to, for” do not matter in search engines. So, include them only when these are necessary.
  • The keyword which you think is most important for a post should be in meta title tag as well as in the H1/H2 tag.
  • Keep the length of post title to maximum of 70 characters.

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