How To Speed Up The Computer PC Laptop

While cranking up the treadmill to impress the hot babe next to you is never a good idea, if you speed up your computer it will lower your stress and increase your productivity.
Ÿ         Clear The Registry – the corrupted registry issues can easily be remedied by downloading a registry cleaner. These programs also clean up Internet cookies and temporary files that eat up memory on your hard drive.
Ÿ         Run An Antivirus – The spy ware and malware you've collected over the years can be extricated with a good spy ware blaster. You can then prevent future attacks by updating your antivirus software
Ÿ         Compressed Air – There’s nothing like a blast of fresh air after a sweltering gym session and your computer can benefit from spraying the inside as well. Blow out the dust and particles that have settled in your motherboard every couple weeks to prolong life and increase speed.
Ÿ         Defragment the C:Drive – Instead of having free weights scattered all across the gym, the place looks and feels better when they’re stacked in order. Files on your computer get spread out over time and defragmenting the drive tightens everything up.
Ÿ         Limit The Start up – Every time you install a new program, it arrogantly believes you want it to start every time you run the computer. A computer will get slower over time if you've got multiple operations running at once. Start>Run>msconfig.exe and go to the start up tab to unselect non-essential programs. Be careful as you do this and only disable the programs you know.

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