3 Awesome Live Wallpaper For Your Android Smartphone

Many people spend lots of money to personalize their Android Smartphone to huge extent. Android Users install lots of launcher to personalize their phone and the simplest way to make your Android Smartphone  look better is by installing the simple  live wallpaper in your phone which will make your phone look good and also will not consume lots of battery.
Usually people have a negative thought for live wallpaper due to its high battery consumption, but it is not the truth. Lots of new Live wallpaper are so well optimized that they consume just nominal battery and give your smartphone a cool smashing effect of the live wallpaper.
Here are the 3 awesome live wallpaper that are installed by lots of user and which are simply awesome for your smartphone:
Paperland is the best live wallpaper which have 5 themes in the free version such as Rainy Day, Winter Drive, Silent Night, Desert Migration and Beach. The sun and the sky are sync with the time so you get the feel that it is an accurate image of your surrounding. The Pro version for is also available which consist of lots of more themes

Blue Skies Live Wallpaper give you home screen a look like you are in the sky. Everything looks white over there from clouds to the sun. The clouds move slowly and gently and give you a pleasant feel. The size of this live wallpaper is just 2.2 Mb. This Live wallpaper give the 3D effect on your home screen.
Koi Live Wallpaper give you the real feel of the colorful fish moving in the pond which have an awesome background. You can also feed the fish by tapping on it. It is simulated in 3D.  The size of this live wallpaper is 3.2 Mb

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