NEW Amazing Email Subscription Blogger Widget

If you are on blogger and search for widgets to get subscribers for your blog then here’s an Amazing Email Subscription Blogger Widget.
Subscribers are the backbone for any blog as they are the decides the number of loyal visitors of the blog. A visitor subscriber to any blog when he/she finds anything good in the blog. Subscription are meant to give latest updates about the happenings on a website or blog and no doubt subscribers numbers matters in a lot in the number of returning visitors. So its always recommended to grow up subscribers. And using plugins and widgets are the ways to accomplish this task. Here i am sharing a beautiful email subscription widget to drive more subscribers in your list.

Amazing Email Subscription Blogger Widget

Steps to add Email Subscription Blogger Widget
1. Log into your blogger dashboard and if you have more than one blog then choose the one where you want to add the email subscription widget.
2. Now click on Template in the left menu.

click on template in left menu
3. Here click on Edit HTML button.
click on edit HTML button
4. Now look for the code.
Note : To search for code, Press Ctrl + F and enter “]]></b:skin>”  without quotes and hit Enter.
5. Add the following code before the above code and save the template.
6. Click on Layout > Add Gadget to add HTML/JavaScript Gadget and copy the following code
Note : Change the red colored BlogSpiceUp to your blog feed burner ID.

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