How to protect your pendrive from autorun.inf virus

Pendrive ruined by autorun.inf?

Have this ever happened to you. Have you been ever infected by autorun.inf. If your answer is no then you are lucky. Its the most common virus out there. Infecting every device that you connect your external drive of a pendrive. When you plug in a pendrive to an infected system the autorun.inf automatically is written to your pendrive. From there it is transferred to every device you plug in your device. You wouldn’t necessarily know if the system to which you are going to plugin your pendrive is infected or not. So how to fool proof your pendrive from this nasty virus. Remember this is not a virus removal tool or anything like that. This just shows you the technique to resist getting infected.

Just follow this steps and you will never get autorun.inf virus again.

Have you bought a new pendrive and want to make it safe against autorun,.inf. Here are the steps. The same technique works on hard drives and other external devices like memory cards.
  • Create a new folder in pendrive.
  • Rename the newly created folder as autorun.inf.
  • Right click on the folder and click on properties.
  • Mark the folder as read only and save the changes.
That is all you need to protect your device from the nasty virus. Technique used here is simple. Windows wont allow two files with the same name. So when the infected system tries to write autorun.inf onto your device it wont work. As the file has been made read only it cannot be altered by the infected system either. So you are completely protected by the autorun.inf virus

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