How to Merge Hard Drive Partition in Windows 8

Windows 8, the supreme OS by Windows is pretty awesome. The fastest OS by Microsoft yet has many great features. It’s the fastest selling OS in the history of the computing world. Win 8 has many features and one of them is merging Hard drive parts directly via control panel tool. There is no need of downloading 3rd party applications to do your job.
Merging or combining of Hard drive partitions means that joining two or more single disk parts into one to get one single part. This will result in faster data access and indexing and as well as better performance. Sometimes accidental partition can be repaired too via this method. Combining two or more partition has been made easy by the Computer Management Tool in Windows 8. Remember that these steps can also be followed for Windows 7 and Vista.

Windows 8 : Merging or Combining Hard drive partitions

Before, heading out with the step by step process, let me tell you what happens here exactly in this procedure. Suppose we are going to merge ‘D’ partition and ‘E’ partition, in which none of them are the primary boot partition. What happens here is that these drives combine to form a larger sized ‘D’ drive, or in general terms D:\ drive. Now the steps.
Step 1 – First of all hit the Win + X key combination. You will see a menu pop onto the left lower corner of your Win 8 desktop screen. You can also access Computer Management tool via the control panel. Open Control Panel and navigate to System and Security > Administrative Tools > Computer management.
Computer Management -Windows 8
Step 2 – Once you are inside the tool, you will see a Storage drop down menu on the left pane, below which there are is Disk Management. Click on it and you will a loading process taking place.

Disk management
Step 3 – Once the loading is done, you will see all the disks and their parts on the central pane. Select the drive you want to combine with the other drive ( Like E: will be combined and added to D: drive).
delete partition
Step 4 – Now, in this step, you have to back up any important data and delete the partition of the drive you want to combine. Delete it by right clicking on the selected partition and then selecting Delete Volume.
Step 5 – Once this has happened. Now select the drive where you want the free partition to be attached and combined.Right-Click on that partition and select Extend Volume and next. After doing that, it should look like the snapshot below.
free space
Step 6 - Now you will enter the enter Extend Volume wizard for the partition to be combined. Keep on clicking next and your work is done here. Voila, your work is done and the two partitions have been merged or combined.
Single part in Windows 8
This is all you need. You have learned to manage and extend or merge hard drive partitions and now you will able access and manage data like ever before. If you face any problems or have any queries let us know. I will be glad to connect to you.

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