How to make Free Blog on Internet

As we all grow up we use daily internet for connect with our friends and find information on internet etc. we always want to make our own website or blog which represents us and we try lots of website on internet for make our own blog but unfortunately we always see paid blog making websites do don't worry here is the Top 2 online blog/website making website on available on internet here is the names -

Above these two blog website are the most blog making website available on internet.
Features of

1.Post writing in Compose and HTML format with all html features one click included.
2.Create up to 10 your own Stand alone pages with just one click. 
3.Control your comments setting. 
4.Share your blogger post direct with your Google Plus Page or Friends.
5.Up to minute Status of your blog.
6.Make money with Google Adsense .
7.Layout option for change widget ares,Sidebar option,Add extra HTML JavaScript code on your blogger Blog. 
 8.Choose given templates which is Awesome Background images included. 9.Add Meta Description for better search result in search engine.
10.Add your own Domain name to blogger.


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