Installing WordPress on your Local computer step by step | How to use WordPress CMS

WordPress is one of the best CMS(contain management system) designed in PHP language and its open source also that means any one who wants to use WordPress is modify it for there own purpose and use it without any permission when we first time heard about WordPress we ever think that how can i use WordPress for  making my own website,Blog and make money from it.

so here is the steps for your WordPress installation -

1.Get WordPress from its own website.
 2.If you want to install WordPress into than you should install XMAPP first in your computer click here for. 3.After installing XMAPP and getting WordPress now extract the download . RAR file.
4.Now change your extract folder name as WordPress or whenever you want to.
5.Now copy the whole folder into C DRIVE - XAMPP - HTDOCS .
6.Now open your computer desktop you can see a Icon Xmapp control panel.
7.Double click on it and run.
8.Now click on apache start button and mysql start button.
9.Now open your web browser and type(without http or www) localhost/phpmyadmin.
10.Create your database.
11.Type your WordPress folder name on browser like this - localhost/wordpress.
12.Click on create a configuration file.
13.Click on let's go button.
14.Now enter your database name which you just created,enter your database username(default database username is root). empty the password field , Database host enter localhost now click on install.
15.Now click run the install button.
16.Now you can see a page just submit your website information and username,password and email,enter your email carefully because if you forget your password the email will help for reset your password now click on install button.
17.Here you go your WordPress is installed successfully on your local computer.

Some useful tips about WordPress - If you want to open your WordPress admin panel then just enter the url in your browser - localhost/wordpress/wp-admin Enter your username and password now login into your WordPress.   I hope you like my post if you have any doubt then please comment below.

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