How to change Website Name and Post name Position on Title tag in Wordpress

For better seo on your WordPress website your title tag must be in good position.
your website name is the first title of your home page but when your published posts in WordPress that some of themes it is single post name (post title which you have given)
 In some of post the title tag first and than the website name for example - if your website name is 
and your post title is "blogger" than in this condition it must be looks like this  - Blogger - .
In some of post first your website name and than your post title name - - Blogger
So you can easily set your WordPress website title accordingly your requirement.

For changing your title tag position first you have to log-in into your website.
Than go to Appearance - Editor .
Now click on Header file for edit.
Find <title> tag.
"wp_title" is the function for your default WordPress website name.
bloginfo( 'name' ) is the function for your website post title.

you just have to swap them as you want and your title tag must changed.

Tip- In some themes the tag have different functions so you just look up there functioning and edit it or change it as you want. 

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