Top 3 Sites to Find Quality Free Images and Icons for Blogs Blogger Website

Images in your content not only make it attractive, but they are important for on page search engine optimization also. SEO experts will advice you to use at least one relevant image in your each post and web page but where to find copyright free images to use on your website or blog. Although the world of Internet is full of images but you can't use copyright images without permission. There are many sources from where you can buy images but if you are owner of a small website or blog, then you really can't afford to purchase images for it.
License: Creative Commons. Image Source: IconArchive
I have brought three top sources for you where you can find a huge number of free images to use for your online business. The images at these sources are not only free, they are of extremely high quality also. These images can be redistributed under Creative Commons license of free distribution, so you can publish them on your website by placing a link back to these sources.

Flickr is the largest source of free images on Internet where you can find images relevant with any niche. Most of these images are free for both commercial and personal use, so if you are unable to find any good image source for your online content, then Flickr is one of the best.

I though design most images for my blog by my own, but occasionally get images from Flickr when I unable to design an image for my posts due to shortage of time or any other reason. To search images for your blog and website on Flickr, type in the following query in Google image search. Google will search for Flickr only and will list the relevant images instantly from which you can choose the best one for you.
"your keyword"
One more cool thing about Flickr is that you can use their direct messaging service to ask the photo owner for permission if it is not allowed for commercial usage according to license. If the photographer allows the usage, you are good to use it for commercial purposes.

IconArchive is my most favorite source for finding free images and you will also love it once after visiting it. I discussed Flickr before IconArchive for the reason that Flickr is much diverse in image collection and IconArchive's collection isn't much diverse like that of Flickr. But when you will compare the quality of images on the two services, IconArchive will beat Flickr.

Basically IconArchive contains icons for several brands, but you can find images of any kind. As I said that it is not much diverse, so you may unable to find relevant images for some less common niches, but if you find your choice, the quality will greatly impress you. Please keep this in mind that some images at IconArchive aren't free for commercial usage. So ensure it before using the image that it is free.

SXC contains yet another huge collection of free images. At SXC, creative people share their created images with others. If you are unable to find free images, then SXC's diverse collection is there to serve you.

Why You Shouldn't Use the Images from the Internet
You will find a millions of images on the Internet when you search through Google, but never use the images if you don't know either the image is free or subjected to copyright. In case you use a copyright protected photo on your website or blog and the photographer or the owner finds it, then he / she can trouble you for copyright infringement.

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