How to Convert Your Facebook Account into Facebook Page

Facebook's important in today's world is just speechless. We make new friends on Facebook and build our friend list. But Facebook also has a limit that you cannot add more than 5000 friends in your friends list. If you are very popular and other people wants to join you on Facebook but they can't because of Facebook restriction of 5000 friends. So we are sharing a 'trick' by which you can convert you Facebook profile to Facebook page. And allow your friends/fans to join you on Facebook by means of your page.

Convert Your Facebook Account into Facebook Page

Important Points To Remember Before Converting Facebook Profile Into Page

  • All your confirmed friends and subscribers will be converted to people who like your new Page 
  • Your current profile picture will become your Page's picture.
  • Your Username Will Become Your Page's Username.
Now just follow below steps to change you Facebook profile into Facebook page

Steps To Migrate From Facebook Profile To Facebook Page

  1. First go to the link .
  2. Mark On I agree to Facebook Pages Terms
  3. Then Click On "Get Started"
  4. Now Your Facebook Profile Becomes Your Facebook Page.
  5. Smile :)
Note: Before converting your profile to page think twice because again getting back your profile is not easy.

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