Blogger Introduces New Interface for Template's HTML Editor

Blogger introduces the new interface for blogspot template's HTML editing. The new HTML editor is not only flexible in operations, but it is easy to work with also. This is one of the biggest changes to Blogger in the history and we can expect that the new editor interface will produce better results and the users will surely love it. Below some features are discussed which have been introduced in the new interface of template's HTML editor.
The HTML Editor is Opened in the Same Window
Previously, the template editor was opening in a popup window but the new HTML editor opens in the same window. This is the first feature which you will notice soon after launching the editor. 

'Jump to widget' Option Have Been Introduced
This feature has been introduced for the first time in template editor. Using this feature, you can navigate to the HTML/XML code of any specific widget in your template. For example if you need to edit the HTML code of navigation bar, click on 'Jump to widget' option first and then select the concerned widget of navigation bar. The template editor will indicate from where the code starts for that specific widget. 

'Revert widget templates to default' Feature Has Been Added
This feature allows you to restore the default HTML code for your widgets. This feature will prove to be useful when you make any mistake in editing of the widget's HTML.

In addition to the above new features, other template editing options are retained in the editor.

How Blogger Users Will Respond to This Change
There is a huge number of bloggers who still prefer Blogger over WordPress for several reasons. Now the question is, either this change in interface of template editor will make them happy or bored. It is a fact that new things are always strange and it takes time before you get familiar to them. It will take a few months before we will be able to conclude that either the new interface is comfortable for bloggers or not.

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