Notif Pro v1.0.1 Apk

Notif is an app built for Jelly Bean that allows you to create rich notifications for reminders, lists, passwords, pictures, or anything else that you can think of. The possibilities are endless!
Create notifications hands-free with VoiceNotif! Just tap the microphone icon at the top and it will listen for a title and your content. It will create an expandable notification, just as if you typed it out yourself.
There are three types of notifications that you can create:
1) Text: Holds a title, an expanded title, and multiple lines of content when expanded
2) Picture: Holds a title, one line of content, and an image that you can take or retrieve from your gallery
3) List: Holds a title, up to 7 items, a summary, and one line of content when the notification is reduced
To expand a notification that isn’t already expanded, simply pull down on it with two fingers. Note that by default, only the highest notification is expanded.
Note: Updating the application will erase notifications. Sorry! I am working on a way around this.
Another note: If you are using a Sense UI device (HTC One X, for example), the UI will not expand any notifications except for the highest one. I cannot control this at all.
Notif Pro features:
- Reminders!!
- Notification editing
- Android Beam support! Beam notifications straight into the notification drawer of another device
- All 200 custom icons!
- Notification Actions – ability to share to other apps straight from notification
- Create notifications from Google Now Voice Search (say “note to self…”)
- Create notifications from other apps through the share intent
- QuickNotif – create and clear notifications anywhere on your phone from your notification drawer
- Lots more to come

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