The Samsung Galaxy S4 – Can the features really steal the show?

Another most anticipated smartphone from the Korean miracle makers is here. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the concerned device. Yes, various tech experts are calling it a device rather than just another smartphone because the huge list of features inspires to discover more. Yet, numerous experts feel that the features aren’t that exceptional either.
Galaxy S4 feauture and specifications
However before you rate the latest Samsung Galaxy S4, you need to learn what it has in store for you. So here is a short review of the features of Samsung Galaxy S4 for you to check out. Have a look:

  • The design factor: The looks may be similar to the Galaxy S III yet the weight and width are minimal. The casing is made of plastic and a poly-carbonate strip runs along the entire edge it. You may find nothing much unique in the design but the display is sure to attract your attention. In fact the smartphone has been praised too for having a huge 5-inch display set into such a petite frame. Sleek and superb, may be they are the 2 appropriate words to describe the huge and clear AMOLED display.
  • The operating software: It has a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.9GHz processor and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean as the smart operating system. The processing is swift which helps to run the applications quickly. Of course the efficiency is high enough and this will help you play your videos or share data efficiently. The NFC based features gives the users easy access to the S Beam and the TecTiles.
  • Camera and video quality: There is a 2MP front camera and a 13 MP rear camera for smart video capturing. The video quality is 1080p. The little shutter lag may somehow disappoint the users. Yet the picture quality may not be that disappointing as its better than its predecessors. The easy to understand camera modes are quite user friendly. You can easily toggle the white balance or ISO settings by using the smart controls. Various fun modes are there also to make your camera experience worth it.
  • The display and color accuracy: High pixel density gives you chance to experience great picture quality. The 440ppi pixel density does the miracle by joining hands with 1080p HD quality. The color accuracy may not be as perfect as the iPhone range, yet you may not feel disappointed. With the gigantic 5-inch display you can make the most of your web space. So bid restrictions adieu.
  • Battery life: The 2600mAh battery comes up with a removable cover. The battery runs for approximately 7 hours without charging. The time span may differ according to the usage. Yet you can call it an energy efficient smartphone as 7 hours isn’t that bad either. However, careful usage may allow you to make the most of the battery life.
  • Overall performance: The performance may not disappoint you. The price range which has been decided for the Galaxy S4 is justifiable for the functions it offers. 2 GB of inbuilt RAM and the expandable memory slot increases the efficiency of performance. 2 Unique features which you must look forward to are the Dual-shot and Air View. The whole package is quite fetching for many.

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