What Is 4G

4G means fourth generation wireless.  This generation of technology promises to make high quality multimedia streaming and IP based gaming, data and voice a reality. Transmission speeds are set to match cable modems. 4G signifies the shift to global roaming along with better data rates. 4G will allow us to do the things 3G does – much faster. Newer applications can run utilizing greater bandwidth.
The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has not established standards as yet, but two technologies – LTE and Wimax currently are regarded as 4G. Current implementations of these are generally regarded as pre-4G.  They do not completely fit the requirements for 4G. 4G requirements include speed, spectral efficiency, dynamic sharing and utilization of resources, smooth handovers over heterogeneous networks as well as being based on an all IP packet switched networks and high service quality for next-gen multimedia support.

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