Reliance working 3G high speed Proxy Trick April,May,June 2013

Features of Reliance 3g highspeed Proxy Trick 
  • work many state(all over india)
  • no sim block
  • no speed capping
  • both work in 2g/3g
  • highspeed 1.3mbps and more
  • work in mobile and pc
setting of Reliance 3g highspeed Proxy Trick (mobile)
  • create new account --Indiatip
  • proxy----------------
  • port------------------8080 (for smartwap and smartnet)
  •                                   9401(for rtlmms)
  • home (for smartwap apn)
  •                                 (for smartnet apn)

 setting for pc and laptop
  • goto firefox      
  • option
  • network setting
  • menual proxy  confi.
  • and put the proxy--
  • save 
  • done
this proxy both work mobile in uc and opera handler.and also support android and window  phone
so enjoy new reliance proxy trick

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