5 useful Shortcut tips for Samsung Galaxy Y

Hey friends in this trick i tell you some simple but amazing features about Samsung Galaxy Y Mobile phone and hope you all like it.

1. Quickly access special characters
When you open up the keyboard on the Galaxy Y while either chatting with someone on an IM client, typing a message or posting on a website with your browser, you can long-press for a few seconds on a particular letter and a popup will show allowing you to use special characters.
e.g.: Long-pressing the A letter will give you special characters such as ä, Ä, etc.

2. Dial contacts with a quick swipe
Instead of tapping on the contact name and then tapping on the option to dial, you can simply swipe right with your finger on the contact's name and it will directly call him/her. By swiping left, you can quickly send a message to the contact.

3. How to hide particular files from showing up in Gallery or Music Player
Sometimes there are things that we do not want our friends or relatives seeing while they are using our phone. Most of the times a friend/relative would be interested to check your songs or what kind of content you have in your gallery.
So instead of deleting the particular files or moving them to your computer all of the time, you can hide them in just a few seconds.
All you need to do is create a folder called .nomedia wherever you want on your sdcard (you can do this from your phone by selecting Menu button -> Create Folder), then put the particular files on that folder and the files will not appear in media apps.
You can also press the Menu key on your phone, then choose More -> go to Settings and untick the "Show hidden files" option if it is enabled. That way you will hide the .nomedia folder from the My Files app aswell.

4. Search for songs/artists directly from Music Player
While playing a song, on the top below the statusbar, tap where you see the artist/song name and a popup will show up asking you which particular part of the song to look for (e.g. The artist's name, the song's name or the album.
After you make your choice, you will then be asked to search for it in either the internet, your music library or in the YouTube app.

5. Voice actions
Did you know that you can command your Galaxy Young with your voice? If you've got the Google Search widget on your homescreen, tap on the little microphone which you see in the widget and speak out your command.
Example: Tap on the microphone and say "Send an e-mail". An e-mail popup will appear giving you the options to type in the recipent's e-mail, subject and message. 

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