How to get Best seo on Blogger Blog

when we start our new blog then we see that our blog will not searching in search engines like Google,Yahoo etc. but our blog contain very useful information. so  Seo(search engine optimization) is the only who can help your website searching in search engines. for better seo on your blogspot blog you just have to follow these steps -

step-1.Submit your blog sitemap on Google webmaster tools.
step-2.Add meta description on your blog here is the link to for add meta description
step-3.Use original content don't use copy paste content.
step-4.Use minimum number of images.
step-5.Use A good blog title.
step-6.share you blog link with your friends on Youtube,Google Plus,Facebook and other social networking website it will help you increase your website traffic.
step-7.Use simple layout blog so everyone can found anything easily.
step-8.Use search Box.

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