Meta Tags And Why They Are Important?

One of the most basic elements of SEO Meta Tags are tags Meta. It is a must know for every SEO practitioner. Google page rank is a factor in the meta tag? It important? What is the effect on your site's SEO?
Meta tags are they  have been around since last few years ... I so remember that. There are a large part of the history of the search engine. They include the value of an item in the rankings before - 

people were very vocal in their use to get on the SERPS. After that, Google ranking factors are chosen out of the meta tag. There is no longer important, but they are not. Meta tag to your site's SEO is still a very large role in the play.

The words hidden in the meta tag in your code. People browsing your site will not be able to see them. This is what Danny Sullivan, search engines, your web forms hiding in a 'legal' way. It has a simple to read them for the search engines, your site must be thought about in the abstract and the key words in your.

Within the area of ​​the head of your html meta tag.<head> meta tag here </ head> are

You can use the meta tag has three main components:

1. Title - The title tag is the title text that appears in search engine listings. I do not need to know that this is a meta tag, but it works the same way as.

<title> Title text here </ title>

2. Description - The description meta tag is the name of your site and would want to put a summary. What do you put on your site and you are able to provide the people here. Search engines can only read up to a certain number of words, because it should not be too long.

You have your site's summary "/> put the name of the <meta name =" description "content =" This is the

3. Keywords - keywords meta tag keywords you use in your site is where all of the put. This is where you make words, you have to be brought to the top of SERPS page. Your keywords are important - even if you take away all the other words, the user of your site, read all about what they should be your key words.

<meta name="keywords" content="blogging, make money online, Google, Search, etc"/>

These three things make your meta tag.

The importance of meta tags, keywords and description will appear in the search engines if the content associated with them in order to compare the reading. Your keywords are to your webpage? Your content and your meta description is related to the niche of your site? Search engines see your meta tags to be the cause of some of the weight, a little higher in the SERPS if you do not have to do everything to bring your page is that? There is an important reason for the meta tag.

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