How to be a Good Man in your life

A good man or a nice guy is that type of person who respect his elders nice with juniors. If you behave like a nice man then this is the only one step to be a good man here is some of trick which i think if you follow that you will become a very nice man -

1.Respect elders.
2.Nice with juniors.
3.If you meet some one then give that person your complete attention listen what he or she person wants to say with you.
4.Don't Interrupt someone in middle of there talk.
5.This is the most point - Don't ever become a lire.
6.If you are in a relationship then be good.
7.Don't ever hurt peoples who loves you or also who did not.
8.Always love your Mother Father very much because they are our base everything we have is them.
9.Always smile on your face because this is the only thing no one can give you but if you will smile than people who love you will automatically Be Happy.
10.Don't ever take any decision in hurry mode.
11.Don't ever Discuses about some one with some other.

I hope you like my post all i am sharing is my personal experience with you.   

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