Which is best Whatsapp or Wechat

As we all know about Whatsapp and the new Wechat software for mobile phones but we don't know which is the best for us to use so guys today i am going to tell you which is best for you to use and easy to understand.

WhatsAPP - whatsapp is a amazing chat software for android,iphone,blackberry,symbain,windows mobile
 phone users because you can send you chat,images,video through chat in whatsapp in its totally free available on internet and an amazing feature that when you install whatsapp in your mobile phone its automatically add friends by checking you phone contacts list and add them in your mobile phone and you can send them what ever you like its also included lots of smileys,you can set your profile pic,set your status,set your chat wall  pic as you like and much more.

  1. Group chat
  2. share videos,images,chat
  3. share your locations
  4. chat history
Wechat -  Wechat is like the same chat software for mobile phone but it is some different features included that is below -

  1. Live chat
  2. Group chat
  3. Chat history backup
  4. video call
  5. Moments
  6. Webwechat
  7. Shakes
  8. Facebook connect
we chat is same installs as we installs whatsapp in our mobile but we chat provides us a Audio chat sending feature that is not in the whatsapp.

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