New airtel back query with uc and opera free gprs setting May,June 2013

i am come with new and fresh working airtel beck query. this beck query tricks both support uc web handler and opera mini handler. this beck query give you high speed internet and allow big file download.this beck query unique so please share this query only closest friends.this beck query both work in front query. find front query my post Airtel highspeed real host front query 3g trick
airtel back query with uc and opera

features of airtel back query

free gprs 
download and upload big file 
bothwork uc and operamini,qq browser 
good speed 136 kbps 
both work 2g and 3g 
support mobile handler and pc handler( vnap booster) 
http protocol support 
work many state 
no speed capping

config. airtel back query

create new prfile 
put the proxy--- 
set port as ---- 80 
use apn-------- 
home page------ blenk 
after use handler and put following data in query 

now save and restart your devise and enjoy free gprs with hispeed download 

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