Latest uninor high speed 3g proxy trick 2013

this proxy give you a very highspeed internet exp. in your 3g circle and 2g.this proxy fine work with default apn and setting. both use this proxy in your mobile and pc.
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uninor high speed 3g proxy trick 2013

features of uninor proxy tricks

  • high speed download and browsing
  • no speed capping
  • both use mobile and pc
  • both use 3g and 2g
  • no handler req.
  • no sim block
  • support http and https protocol
  • fine work all over
  • fresh proxy
  • support idm
  • stream you tube support

setting of  uninor high speed 3g proxy trick 2013

  • create new profile
  • name ----------- indiatip
  • apn ------------- uninor
  • port------------ 7080
  • home page ------ and
  • proxy list as work your state
                             now enjoy 3g speed at 360kbps in 3g circle and 150kbps in 2g circle

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