How to use Google Hangout efficiently

HiRes How to use Google Hangout dune effectively
Do you know Google + Hangout ? This is the solution of online presentation from Google. Like all solutions from this type, you can present your products and services, create a virtual meeting or train your employees. However, Hangout offers advanced features that can be useful for your SME.
What is a hangout?
Hangout is one of the integrated social networking services  from Google+ . This conferencing service allows you to organize virtual meetings where he can share his screen, a document and chat. You can organize Web conferences private or public. Participants may access the call from a workstation, a smartphone, a tablet and even from a conventional telephone icon wink How use Google Hangout dune effective way.
Post your Hangout live on YouTube
More interestingly, you can broadcast live presentations on YouTube and on your website. In this context, you can use Hangout to present a product or service and integrating registration Web page dedicated to him. This video will be available from your YouTube channel or from your website.

The Hangout which aims to introduce or educate your customers on the use of one of your products or services shall allow the information you offer on your site. Your registration helps you to present your products and services. This will somehow your “pitch” sales will be incorporated directly on your website or blog.
Here are some use cases of the Hangout in a professional context:
  • Demonstrate your products and services.
  • Train your customers.
  • Support your customers.
  • Organize sessions of questions – answers
  • Train your employees and partners.
  • Meetings with your employees and partners.
Recording and scattering of Web conferences Hangout features allow you to kill two birds with one  stone. On the one hand you meet the needs and issues of your customers, partners and prospects and secondly, seminars bonifieront the documentation for your Web site.
When you use these tools to maximize their impact, prepare your meetings in advance. Do not leave anything to chance!
Here are some tips to help  maximize the impact of your Hangout:
  •  Set the theme of your virtual meeting. Do you have a product or service, your customer support or is it a training session?
  • Select and invite attendees to your meeting. Avoid being in a Hangout does not offer added value to visitors of your website. Make sure you have active participants who will be involved and will ask you questions.
  • Ask participants to prepare their questions and send them to you. A few days before your event, ask participants to send you their questions. You can avoid duplicate questions and prepare your answers.
  • Set the order of the questions. The eve of the Hangout, send the order in which questions will be asked. In this way, you can distribute the talk time of your participants.
  • Set the duration of your Hangout. There is nothing worse than meeting drags on.Before starting your Hangout, set the duration of your meeting with the number of points or issues you want to address.
  • Ask participants to join the meeting 10 minutes before it starts. This action will allow you to start at the scheduled time to the schedule.
  • Create an agenda.
Video is increasingly important on the Web. It can become a key differentiators for your SME. Al though the  Hangouts allow you to give relevant information to your customers and future customers. Once integrated into the page of a product or service, the Hangout add a dynamic element to a static page

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