Latest idea unlimited highspeed 3g vpn trick May June 2013

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features of idea unlimited high speed 3g vpn trick

  • this is a fresh vpn and latest may 2013 config. file so you are use this vpn to free.  this vpn give you very high speed downloading and surfing in all india.this vpn both work with your data card and mobile devices pc suite. this vpn fine work all 3g and 2g coverage area.

config.idea unlimited highspeed 3g vpn trick

  • first download nmd vpn
  • then install 
  • connect with your devices  to pc 
  • then run vpn.gui
  • and wait to connect
  • and now  done
                                            please use idea default setting -- idea gprs
                              and this vpn work with 0.50 paise in every time you connect 

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