How to use Winrar as Folder Lock ?

Getting a good folder lock for free is really a tough job. I myself had searched a lot for these folder lock software but i didn’t find any good one that is really worth using. Then i made up my mind to check out on torrent and i got premium folder lock software there. Though i got paid software for free but i got too many viruses with them so i removed everything from my system to clean it. At last i ended up with a very good method to use Winrar as a folder lock. So i am discussing that method in this article. 

Steps to use Winrar as Folder Lock

1. Download Winrar — Click Here To Download.
2. Install it.
3. Now right click on the folder that you want to lock and choose “Add to archive“.
Right click on the folder and choose Add to archive
4. Here you will get the following window.

general tab
5. Switch to the “Advanced” tab and check both “Save file security” & “Save file streams“options under NTFS options.
Switch to advance tab and check NTFS options
6. Then click on “Set password” button.
7. OK now you will get the following window. Check “Encrypt file names” for better security & enter the password and then click “OK” and again “OK” button.
enter password
Finally your folder is locked without paying anything and saving disk space since Winrar compress files and folders.

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