How Web Hosting Impacts Growth of Your Blog

One of the most crucial factors affecting the performance of blogs is the web hosting. This factor greatly affects the ranking of blogs but unfortunately, a large number of bloggers ignores this or they don’t know about it. When they choose a poor host, the growth of their blog retards badly. Today we will discuss how hosting service relates with the growth of blogs.
A Bad Host Kills Your Blog
There is an uncountable number of hosting services on the Internet but all of these services aren’t good and a bad host takes your blog to the disastrous direction. Here is how a bad host may kill your blog partially or wholly. 

Increased Downtime Affects Negatively 

When you choose a bad host for your blog, then it is almost confirmed that you will face increased downtime on your blog. This badly affects the performance of your blog. Not only your visitors will get annoyed from it, but the SERP rankings will also drop dramatically. 

Slower Page Load Speed 

Yes, at a bad host, your blog may load slowly and the slower load speeds are yet another chief reason of blog regression. When your blog takes long to load, visitors don’t wait for it and press the “Back” button to escape and this single press drops your ranking greatly. 

Bad Hosts are Vulnerable to Hackers 

It doesn't matter how strong your strategies are to protect your blog against hackers, but blogs at bad hosts are always vulnerable to hackers. Bad hosts mostly have bad management and the security measures aren't developed well at such hosts. This creates a loophole for hackers to break into the server easily. 


You might know how much regular backups are necessary for blog safety. Good hosting providers backup your blog regularly and you can get it back later when something goes wrong, but you can’t expect from a bad host that it will do automatic backups. 

Malware and Viruses 

Malware and viruses destroy the data when they accumulate into your hosting server. Once your online data gets infected, you will loss almost all visitors. When the entire server is infected by malware, it gets hard to recover it. Although these kinds of issues are rare but a bad host may bring this kind of situation to you. 

Add-on Features 

A poor host is less diverse in providing add-on features like installation of scripts etc. 

Spam IPs 

When the IP of your host is blacklisted or declared spam by concerned online services, it may create troubles for you. Your blog’s growth and ranking greatly depends on the reputation of IP address of your host. A bad host’s IPs may fall in spam category or they may be blacklisted for other reasons. 

A Good Host Helps You in Growing Your Blog Well
Alternatively, a good host helps you in growing your blog easily. When you choose a good host, it gives you a good uptime, stability and load speed. Servers at good hosting services are powerful and maintained well, so they operate swiftly. In addition, the security measures and other features at such hosting services are also good. All these features make a hosting service brilliant and once you manage to find such a host for your blog, it flourishes rapidly. 

In addition, reputed hosting services backup your content on regular basis. It doesn't matter either you do backups regularly or not, the automatic backups at such hosts provide you with the latest backups when something goes wrong. 

So this was a brief introduction to the importance of hosting services for growth of blogs. I hope that you have now understood how much a host is important for your blog’s performance. Find a good host and then grow your blog there. A good host is similar to a fertile and nutrient rich soil where plants grow well, similarly your blog will. Good luck!

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