3G Manager - Battery saver v2.2.1

3G Manager - Battery saver v2.2.1 apk free download android app Stop wasting energy in useless radiation!
3G Manager allow you to save battery and avoid excessive Electromagnetic exposure by automatically disabling mobile data connection when you lock the screen.

The manager allow you to keep receiving notifications by automatically re-enabling the connection from time to time for some minutes to permit sync.

You can specify the reconnection interval and other settings.

Automatically disable mobile data on screen-off
Automatically enable mobile data on screen unlock or screen on
Automatically disable mobile data when WiFi is connected (optional)
Delayed disconnection on screen off to allow rapid chatting
Periodic reconnection to allow notifications
Specify first reconnection time (before periodic reconnection)
The manager will be automatically paused while: on WiFi, charging, calling, on airplane mode, on Tethering/Hotspot mode and when mobile data are manually disabled
Automatically disable mobile data while calling (optional)
Manager on/off widget (1x1)
Manager on/off + periodic reconnections on/off widget (2x1)
Optionally disable sync on low battery (low-battery level configurable)
Run in foreground: always show app icon in the notification bar (optional)
Night mode: automatically enable/disable reconnections at specified times
Note: to maximize battery saving set higher re-connection interval or totally disable it (you will lose notification)

This application DOESN'T HAVE Internet access permission.
Network communication permission is only for mobile data switch and detection.

The app doesn't allow reconnection interval under 7 minutes since that will drain your battery more than keeping the connection always enabled.

If you notice that the phone doesn't always reconnect when you unlock the phone try disabling the option "wait for unlock" (if that option is off the manager will enable the connection when you turn the screen on)

If you can't see the widgets in launcher after installing the app please try rebooting your phone (Android bug).

What's in this version : (Updated :Jan 14, 2014)
3G Manager now runs as a "foreground service" by default, so now is always visible in the notification menu. This option can be disabled but is very recommended to avoid missed reconnections and others sporadic issues, expecially for Android 4.4 Kitkat users due to some RAM management changes in the newest Android version.
[NEW] New "Don't stop music" option to avoid disconnections while music or podcast is playing, useful for Spotify and similar (disabled by default)
Required Android O/S : 2.3+ - 


  1. Download
  2. Extract If Downloaded File Is Compressed (RAR or ZIP)
  3. Install APK
  4. Launch the App
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