SocialPower: A New Platform to Solve You Issues Socially

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Social Power. All opinions are 100% mine.Have you ever thought that social media is a great power? In our day to day life we use social media. Some people are addicted to it. As we know that social media has connected us with the whole world and this is the best thing for us. Social media has a great power and reach, so you can say many peoples in the world are active on social media at any time and we can use the power of social media to solve our social issues. Yes, SocialPower is a new platform which lets you resolve your issues socially with the help of social media. SocialPower is awesome and it can definitely make a difference.
What is SocialPower: Concept of SocialPower?
Social power is a new platform which is still in beta phase, actually this is a website where you can create an account and then you can enter your issues to get them resolved. Watch this video to know more about this.
So, basically you create your issues, share them on social media and other people will support you if they are facing similar issues and thus your issues will be resolved because a huge audience is reading and supporting them. You can get extra benefit by sharing those issues on Facebook and twitter as more audience will be able to see it. You can easily create an account on SocialPower and start sharing your issues.
More about SocialPower and the issue I created

I have created an issue on SocialPower and the details are below:
 Issue:  “Google AdSense Should Not Ban Accounts without Warning”
Below is the image of the issue I created on SocialPower.
Well, as we know that Google AdSense is the biggest advertiser network in the world but the bad thing is that they ban their publishers without any warning and proper reason. A Lot of publishers are against it and they want it to be resolved. I too want that Google should not ban their publishers without any notice and proper reason. That is why I have created this issue on SocialPower. Below is the link to the issue that I have created.

Click on the above link and you will be redirected to this issue, then you can support this issue and give your suggestions to help me resolve this issue. This is an effective way to solve all the problems.
If you want to support this issue you can do following things:
1-      Watch social power promo video included in this post.
2-      Go to Social Power and create an account
3-      Open my issue and support it by commenting and sharing it with your friends.
4-      You can create your own issues and share them with your friends.
So I want to say that SocialPower is a great platform and an innovative idea to get the most out of social media. So please support this platform by submitting your issues and solving other’s issues. This is better than wasting your time on social media. At least it has a purpose.

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