Reliance 3g high speed vpn free gprs trick for May June 2013

features  of Reliance 3g high speed vpn trick

  • this vpn very fresh and new so you are enjoy very highspeed internet in your 3g supported mobile and laptop.get high speed download and browsing. no speed capping or nothing sim blocked. this vpn also work with idm and torrent site. so you are enjoy download big video and software.both work in http and https protocol.this vpn fine work in mozila and opera,netscape.and you also run in android and window opreting system. fine work with iphone and ipod.

setting for Reliance 3g high speed vpn trick

  • download vpn -- here

  • and install it

  • then go and sign in free account

  • download config. file (4kb)

  • then extract to c:/program file/open vpn/config. file and paste it

  • then open vpngui.exe in desktop

  • and run as admin

  • select config. file

  • then edit cinfig. file and put the  port-- (you can change port any but not 80)

  • save it and restart vpn 

  • wait for connect and done

                                         enjoy unlimited 3g highspeed in reliance
                                                      apn is ------ rcommms 

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