Making more attractive your Blogspot blog without adding additional code

As we all know that is one of the best blogger making website in whole world you can easily make your own blog on within in few minutes. every blogger user wants to make there blog attractive without adding third party code in there blog so today i am going to tell you that how can you make you blog more attractive user friendly.

  1. Use costume menus in your blog.
  2. Use search box always on Top right sidebar of your blog.
  3. Always share your post after published with your Google plus page.
  4. Make a unique fav icon icon for your blog.
  5. Use custom horizontal menus at the top with all your blog category.
  6.  Always show blog archives on your sidebar.
  7. Always show About me on your sidebar as i did.
  8.  Use linkwithin plugins for show related post of your blogspot blog below every post.
  9. Add Google Plus followers plugins in your blogs(given by Google ).
  10. Add translate to your blog so from everyone can translate your website as he wants to.
  11. Show follow by Email in your blog so every one can follow your blog.
  12. Show popular post on your sidebar.
  13. Show blog status in sidebar.
  14. Want to add costume code like facebook like box to your blog than use "HTML/JAVASCRIPT" plugins for add costume code.
  15. Use a light template with low of images so it easily load.

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